Four Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Keep Your Company Growing

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Four Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Keep Your Company Growing
If you run a business and want it to be as successful as possible, you should definitely tap into the power of using digital marketing strategies to connect with members of your target audience in online spaces. Taking this step will empower you to interface with people who haven't learned of your brand through traditional advertising methodologies like print ads and brochures. Developing a strong online presence is also a wonderful way to make sure that you can communicate with prospects and clients in an organic, immediate manner. Below you'll find just four of many digital advertising strategies you can use to keep your organization growing: 

1. Optimize Your Website

As many online marketing experts know, your website is one of the most important components of your internet presence. This is the case because your website is the primary locality through which individuals can gain more information about your brand, make purchases, and direct other people to your products and services. As such, you want your website to be as incredible as possible. There are many ways that you can make this happen, and one of them is by purchasing online shopping cart software. This software is important because it ensures that online shoppers can store the goods and services they want in a central location before making their final purchase. This simplifies the shopping process for your clients, thereby enhancing their experience with your brand!

2. Utilize Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services

In addition to optimizing your website, make sure that you focus on utilizing online reputation management services. These services are important because they prevent you from being subjected to the horror of negative feedback about your product or service line in the online realm. If this negative feedback becomes substantive, you could compromise your conversion rates. Luckily, digital marketing experts often specialize in implementing the customized ORM services necessary to make your online presence as positive and powerful as possible. 

3. Encourage Satisfied Clients To Write Positive Online Reviews

If you're really serious about enhancing your internet presence to keep your business growing online, make sure that you encourage satisfied clients to leave positive reviews about your brand. These positive online reviews are immensely important because the majority of consumers now view them as just as credible as a personal recommendation. As such, you can expect them to help boost your brand's online reputation while also encouraging prospects to make a purchase. 

4. Implement Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services

One final technique that can empower you to keep your digital marketing company growing is the implementation of social media optimization (SMO) services. These services will empower you to connect with members of your target audience through key channels like

• Pinterest
• Google+
• Twitter
• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Instagram

Start Implementing These Digital Marketing Strategies Now! 

There are many strategies you can deploy to make your business more successful this year. One of them is the use of proven digital marketing strategies. Four strategies that can work wonders for you include optimizing your website, utilizing online reputation management (ORM) services, encouraging customers to write positive online reviews, and implementing social media optimization (SMO) services!

How Not to Lose Attention of Your Website's Visitors?

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How Not to Lose Attention of Your Website's Visitors?
Visitors tend to stay for a very little time on webpages. It is important to grasp and retain their attention within this time interval to get them to convert. Presence or absence of certain factors can discourage visitors away from your website.

Website visitors do not stay on a web page for more than 10-20 seconds, according to Nielsen Norman Group, an organisation well-known for its website usability studies. If you are looking to get your users do something on your website (e.g. read an article, subscribe to your newsletter, etc.,), you need to get them interested within 10-20 seconds.

To get visitors to stay on a webpage, it is important to know what drives them away in the first place, and prevent those glitches. Basic to preventing such costly errors is hiring a professional website design manchester agency that knows its job.

Avoid the following errors to increase visitor stay time:

Misleading Users

Users visit a webpage with an expectation. This could be to get information about a product, view an image or video, or to get contact information.

Give users what they want.

If you are optimising your webpage for a specific search term, ensure that you provide information relevant to that search term on the landing page. To achieve this, optimise each webpage for a keyword relevant to the page.

It is always better to go for a website design Manchester company that offers multiple web services, including design and online marketing. That way, you’ll have the same company handling your website’s design, content and SEO details.

This prevents clashes such as keyword mismatches described above that could arise from different companies working separately on your design, content and SEO.

Using Sound and Adverts Unnecessarily

Sound or music on a webpage that plays automatically in the background is annoying. Equally annoying are adverts splashed across the webpage.

Bombarding visitors with unwanted elements distances them from what they are seeking. This is enough to drive them away from your website, discouraging even future visits.

Neglecting Responsive Web Design

Visitors are no longer dependent on a single device to get information. They take the world with them. To ensure that you are there wherever they go, a responsive web design is crucial.

With a responsive design, you can get your website display appropriately on any device screen, be it a desktop, laptop or a mobile device.

A reliable website design Manchester agency will explain the need and importance of a responsive design early. Trust such a company to do a good job

Forgetting A Call to Action

A clear call to action is important to take your relationship with the visitor to the next level. Lack of, or an unclear, call to action, puts off visitors. For you, it is a loss of a valuable user engagement or sales opportunity.

Being Satisfied with an Outdated Web Design

It is the look of the website that makes the first impression on visitors. An outdated design does not connect with audiences, and is more than likely to drive them away. Such a website can seriously affect your brand image.

Opportunities reside in details when it comes to building an impressive website that attracts and retains visitor attention. Get smart and choose an experienced and skilled website design Manchester company to realise desired website results.

Geospatial Technologies May See Continued Future Development

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Geospatial Technologies May See Continued Future DevelopmentMost of the public is familiar with technologies that make use of location data, such as navigation and social media apps that interface with global positioning systems. However, most people aren’t aware of geographic information systems (GIS). Delivering levels of rich data along with location information, GIS solutions bring together many categories of facts, statistics and patterns as needed by their users. With their use growing in the public sector, as well as burgeoning possibilities for their benefits in the private sector, professionals who seek further education in the field now could see better employment opportunities in the future.

The Development of GIS Technologies

GIS should not be mistaken for mere computer mapping methods. In fact, some of the origins of geospatial technologies lie in the development of the Canada Geographic Information System (CGIS) during the 1960s. Wikipedia elaborates on this project, developed by the country’s Department of Forestry and Rural Development. The first version of CGIS allowed users access to data concerning agricultural use, soils, land use, animal life, recreation and forestry mapped specifically by location.

GIS applications have advanced considerably in the last 50 years. National Geographic Magazine details how this information is currently utilized for scientific, sociological, governmental and other purposes. Since data collection is such an important part, professionals who craft and shape them may sometimes need to make crucial decisions about what information is to be gathered. For instance, systems tooled for environmental analysis may combine data on soil and water quality, vegetation and air pollutants mapped along with the locations of factory sites. Average yearly temperatures and their changes over time could be measured with glacier thickness at polar sites.

Greater demand for GIS experts is anticipated to continue in several fields, including telecommunications, transportation public utilities, education and some private-sector industries. That’s why the United States Department of Labor reported on the geospatial technology industry’s high growth rate in 2015. Also, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted a 19 percent increase in employment for surveyors, photogrammetrists, and cartographers as well as for surveying and mapping technicians for the period between 2008 and 2018.

Advanced Education Prepares Learners for Future Occupations

To prepare future professionals for GIS occupations, many undergraduate and graduate programs are gearing up by offering new or expanded courses of study. For example, USC offers a GIS program that may interest you, with graduates earning a Master of Science in GIST. With increases in the utilization of these technologies as well as increasingly new methods and tools in the discipline, these schools strive to ensure that their curricula keep pace with the latest developments.

Anticipate Future Demand by Returning to School Now

With governmental and nonprofit projects continuing to rely on GIS solutions, a high demand for trained experts in the field is expected to remain. Scientific, political, agricultural and sociological uses will continue to increase. Additionally, private sector deployment of these systems will be sought to benefit businesses of all sizes. All this potential expansion of technologies in a variety of fields means that employment prospects look decidedly positive. Returning to obtain more education now may be your wisest move to secure your future.

5 Ways Plastic Surgeons Can Use Social Media

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Many plastic surgeons have shied away from the use of social media because they feel as if they will not attract an audience through the popular platforms. But plastic surgeons can easily increase business through the use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and even blogging, and the following are just a few ideas as to how.

1. Provide general information
The use of blogs can be a great asset for plastic surgeons. Many people have questions about plastic surgery, procedures, recovery time and a variety of other topics, and if a plastic surgeon starts a blog, they can use this as a platform to answer basic plastic surgery questions and establish themselves as an expert in their field. By providing valuable information to your audience through a blog, your audience will be more willing to choose you and your practice when it comes time to having plastic surgery. All provide them information to find the best doctors in Thailand.

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can also link your blog articles out to your social media following, which is an easy way to increase traffic to your blog and increase your readership.

2. Show before and after pictures
The biggest way to attract an audience interested in plastic surgery is to provide before and after pictures of procedures. You can easily use social media as a way to show your audience what exactly can be achieved with different surgeries or procedures. Keep in mind that if you’re using pictures of your current or past patients, you’ll need to receive their consent if you will be showing their face or using their name. But a simple before and after picture posted to your social media accounts can be a great way to get more business.

3. Educate
Some people don’t realize that certain plastic surgeries or procedures can do more than make them look better, so you can use social media as a way to highlight the benefits of certain procedures. For example, let women know that breast reductions will not only help them find bras and clothes that fit, but that it can also help to eliminate back problems. The more information you can provide on the benefits of your procedures, the more interested your audience will become. You can let them know how to Search more specialists in Thailand.

You can also educate your audience on signs of poor plastic surgery jobs. It’s possible that your audience has already received a procedure from another doctor, and you can earn business from them if the job was botched. Show pictures of poor plastic surgery jobs done by other plastic surgeons and show how you can fix it. This can help you to increase business and earn a great reputation.

4. Provide solutions
Some people suffer from skin problems or issues without knowing how to treat them. You can use social media as a way to provide solutions to your audience. For example, you can let your audience know that botox injections in their armpits can help to control intense sweating or that a small laser procedure can help to eliminate spider veins. By providing simple solutions to common skincare problems, you will attract a larger audience that didn’t realize there was a way to fix their issues.

5. Provide customer service

Many patients will turn to social media as a customer service tactic, so it’s important that you understand that you should use social media as a way to provide customer service. Make sure that you are answering any inquiries that are asked through your social media channels, and always make sure that you’re responding to any comments that are left about your business, whether good or bad.

Three More Sites Should Be Bookmark

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Three more sites that should be bookmark in your browsers as -

Unsplash Free Stock Photos

Unsplash Free Stock Photos
If you are looking for free high quality images to use in your presentation or report, for a book cover, in your brochures, or for practically any creative mashup, head to Unsplash. You can search for images by keyword, and all the photos that you find on the site are licensed under Creative Commons Zero. This means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the images for free - even for commercial purposes - without providing attribution to the photographer or Unsplash. Though, a simple credit like "Photo by X" with a link back to - or mention of - their Unsplash profile is always appreciated. Create a free account and you can even "like" photos and submit your own to the website. Downloading is as simple as clicking on the image you like and right-clicking to save it to your PC. Bookmark this one - you'll never know when it'll  come in handy.

Lit Charts

Lit Charts
Need a crash course in literature? Try Lit Charts, an educational resource that breaks down classics and essential reading into easy-to-understand modules. Here you will find over 320 titles - with new books added regularly - from authors, philosophers, playwrights and thinkers such as Atwood, Dickens, Euripides, Freud, Hemmingway, Kafka, Shakespeare, Saki, Tolkien and many more. Under each title, you will find a single-page summary of the book, a detailed analysis, a discussion on the different themes in the literary work, character analysis, etc. A free account give you enough to start with, but students and teachers can opt for a paid account that gives them access to myriad other features, including downloadable PDFs, sortable quotes, detailed explanations and citations.


In existence since 1997, this website was started by UK resident Kevin Stone purely out of his love for puzzles.  Here you will find 'BrainBashers' in categories such as logic, maths, paradoxes, crosswords with numbers, daily Sudoku, visualization puzzles and more. The website has a daily puzzle section, mazes, riddles, and you will also find a whole new range of Japanese games. BrainBashers is even home to optical illusions that will perplex your brain and befuddle your senses, fractal images and stereograms (a 3D image hidden inside a colorful 2D image). 

Three Apps for your Android or iOS Smartphone

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Three attractive apps made for both Android or iOS that you should download in your smartphone are -

Giphy Cam App

Giphy Cam App

Giphy Cam is a camera app that lets you record animated clips. To shoot, keep the shutter-release button pressed for a few seconds or tap it once to take five quick shots in burst mode. You can then choose from nine filters (mono, VHS, 3Dee, snap, dose, pixel, etc) as well as special effects, which will make even a simple GIF look comical. For instance, you can superimpose your GIFs with animated stickers of a cherry bomb, a moving hand, an hour glass, funny faces, swollen eyes, and also place yourself in a moving car; you can select from 15 animated frames, and more. Ghiphy Cam lets you add text to the clip; you get font options and the ability to resize and reposition captions within the frame. You can set the animation to loop, play backward, or do both. Once you are satisfied with the results, save it to your phone or directly share it on your social networks.

Tribe Video Messenger App

Tribe Video Messenger App
Text messages lack emotion. Enter Tribe, an app that allows you to send 15-second videos to friends in your contact list. All you need to do is sign up for Tribe and invite your friends to start using app as well. The user interface is minimal: Frequent contacts appear as tiles and a small screen in the corner shows footage captured by your phone's front camera. Tap on this screen and it will switch to the rear camera. To send a video message, press and hold a contact name (tile) to start recording a message. The recipient can watch this video at twice the normal speed for comedic effect. Once a video message is viewed, it gets deleted forever, but recipients get the option to save the original clip to their handset. Of course, you can also send text messages and share photographs whenever required, and you can even create private groups.

Mobfish Hunter App

Mobfish Hunter App
The world's fish have mutated into horrific "mobfish"  and you have to cleanse the oceans of these monsters with specialized lures that are rigged with sea mines. Controls of this app are simple: Tap to throw the lure into the waters and tilt your phone left-right to guide it downward as deep as you can, while avoiding contact with the mobfish. As soon as the lure collides with a fish or reaches maximum depth, it starts ascending quickly. You have to hit as many fish with it before it resurfaces. You earn coins for completing missions and killing mobs. Along the way, you can unlock lure attachments - spikes, blades, arrows , saws, etc - to wreak havoc underwater. Plus, you get "Power Chips" that let the sea mine inflict more damage. As you rise up the ranks, Mobfish Hunter unlocks new levels and environments. The game play is simple and it comes with over 100 levels. 

5 features we can expect in future smart phones

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5 features we can expect in future smart phones
With impressive features and unique capabilities, the Smartphone of the future is only going to be smarter. Mobile technology is very advanced today. Each day a new Smartphone is launched in the market with new features. Here are 5 features that are in progress of future Smart phones -

1. Waterproofing technology
Today, we have no more panic of for any reason dropping your phone in water. It will be a superb feature of New waterproofing technology in upcoming Smart phones.

Several companies like P2i (Aridion), Liquipel, HzO (WaterBlock) have been providing this technology to phone manufacturers, the smart phones with this feature are yet to be launched. They are anticipated to be iPhone 7s. Samsung Galaxy S3s. Waterproofing is going to be a strong market differentiator.

2. Biometric Password
This time is near when one no longer needs to remember any alpha/numeric password. The reason is a feature called "ocular scanning" or "eye vein biometrics", which will be enable in future smart phones. It is anticipated to be launched by 2018.

Technology company called EyeVerify is exploring the development of this feature, which according to them is thrice more secure than fingerprint ID, which already exists in today's smart phones like iPhone 5s, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 etc.

3. Foldable Screens
You may have never imagined a foldable Smartphone, but technologists have already got on building one. Yes, it's possible. In order to enable smart-phones with large screens for playing games and watching movies and at the same time keeping it portable for pockets, Smartphone screens are made to be folded, using Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology. This is a paper-thin screen in which both sides can be used at the same time, such as playing a video while the other side is being used as a control.

4. Voice control
Since the launch of Siri's speech recognition, the feature of voice control is gaining attention. Through the feature already exists in many mobile phones like iPhones, the development of advance voice control tech is still on and expected to hit the Smartphone markets soon.

Seamless voice control combined with gestures are anticipated to bring interactivity of smart phones among users. That could be voice controls, which handle users' commands of all types such as playing music, answering calls, booting app and other requests, enabling robotic elements into the phone's personality.

5. Faster OS
With the advent of a plethora of apps, the demand for a faster and stronger operating system has raised. Android has already plunged into the opportunity and will be launching Android Nougat in the market soon. Currently, it's available on selected Motorola handsets only.

The best feature of this OS is the capability to provide virtual reality experiences, multi-window view access for apps, multi language settings, doze mode for saving battery when the phone is inactive and on the move and many more.

Three Sites to Bookmark in your Browser

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Three Sites to Bookmark in your BrowserFree-classic-movies is having a collection of free copyright films dating from as far back as 1897. The Website presented since 2010 and is maintained one on one by Jimbo Berkey, a fan of flicks from the first half of the 20th century. Here you will find films starting actors like Greta Garbo, Humprey Bogart, Famous actor Charls Chaplin, Clark Gable, Mickey Rooney and many more. You can search out site by yearly contents or watch favorites in genres such as silent movies, musical comedies, horror, country western, crime and adventure. Each title created with detailed information and interesting story. So, this one films site should be your bookmark.

Cook and Kushi
The second one should be, If you are looking for some best new dishes for your special occasion or formally then, cookwithkhusi is a great place to start. Khusi S lives in the US and on her site, she is presenting best recipes in which maximum are Indian recipes. Each of her recipes are presented with detailed information and perfect images to understand better. You can search the categories there or checkout the latest recipes at the home page. In the categories, you will get there - appetizers, breakfast, lunch and dinner preparation, noodles, pasta, soups, salads and desserts. You will also get Indo-Chinese and Thai recipes on that site. So, if you are addicted with delicious food or like to eat something special on weekend or special occasion then, search out cookandkhusi. Bookmark it in your browser and subscribe there with your email id for newsletter to get latest updates.     

Herb Wisdom

You might have heard of chamomile tea, it has been used for centuries as a sleep aid, in treatment for fevers, colds, and stomach ailments. Well, for information on all short of herbs, many of which are already available in your kitchen. Herb Wisdom is a website having historical information of more than 200 herbs, their benefits and usage tips. You will get their Latin and common names of each herb. There you can also look for remedies for ailments such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and sore throat. Herb Wisdom is a medical advice related website which should be bookmark in your browser.

Features of Blink Watch

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Features of Blink Watch
Witworks recently launched its first smart watch called the Blink. The wear able watch runs on the company's own made operating system called the Marvin OS, which is built on top of Android. And this allows it to work as a standalone smart watch, even without a paired Smartphone. Blink having capacity of 8GB storage that allows the users to preserve more than a thousand songs and that can be played in your watch itself or can be connected via Bluetooth headset or speaker. The device can also be used to track your body fitness activity at the time of exercise.

Blink also has its own apps to access information based on stocks, news and weather. While it is paired with a smartphone, Marvin's speech to text capability allows it to complete end to end communication, at the time on the user's wrist. And the best part of it is that it works with both iOS8 and Android 4.3+ Smartphones.

It is made up of anti-corrosive stainless steel 316L - boasts of a full 1.4 inch AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 3, a  1.2 GHz processor, 1GB RAM and a 300mAh battery which powers the device for up to two days on a single charge. Blink having Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity and is available in two colors for preorder. One color is in stainless steel black and other one is silver and its initial pricing is set to 12999.

Temporary Office Solutions

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Temporary Office Solutions
Some small businesses attend trade shows and would like to have their technology equipment handy. There are options available to them. For example, they can utilize temporary technology solutions to fulfill their office needs.

Types of Services to Expect

• Desktop Computer Rentals
You can get a Windows Desktop Computer as well as a Windows All-in-One. You can also get Macs, iMacs, Mac Pros, and Mac Minis.

• Laptop Rentals
There are various laptops available for rent such as Windows, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs. If you have any particular configuration in mind, they will also do it for you. There is no limit on the quantity of equipment.

• Server Rentals
If you need servers for storage, files, database, or the web, that is available. There is also a server for emails and your various applications. They will build any server to suit your office needs.

• Tablet Rentals
They provide ipad rentals  in whatever configuration you desire. They will preload your app if you request it. You will have your device ready for use upon delivery.
They have tablets that run on  Android.
They also have  Surface Tablets. This is the only tablet with Windows OS.

• Display Rentals
They rent all types of projectors that are suitable for any event or venue. They range from a long throw to short throw. They also have rear projectors.

• Rental of Monitors
They offer monitor rentals for your office computers. They also have big and small ones for your trade shows.

• Television Rental
They have various types of televisions such as standard, HD, or 4K displays. They offer touchscreen television rental as well as multi-touch collaboration display tablets.

• Office Equipment Rental

1. Copiers
They offer multi-functional standalone, all-in-one, and desktop copier rentals. The desktop copier is suitable for short-term business events.

The copiers come in color or black and white. They will deliver the equipment and set it up for you.

2. Printer Rentals
They offer laser printers, Deskjet, and multi-functional printer rentals. The multi-functional printer is suitable for short-term demands at the office, trade show booths, or for temporary projects.

3. Fax Machines
If you have a big legal case, they have a portable fax machine. They also have machines for your medical office, or if you are conducting international business or any other type of service.

Event Rentals

1. Kiosk Rental
They have kiosks that feature touch screen display along with a secure cabinet. They offer various types of stands such as table mounts, floor stands, wall mounts, and branding options.

2. Sound Systems
They offer a complete sound system along with microphones, speakers, mixers, and stands.

3. Security Cameras
You can get a surveillance camera for your event tradeshow booth.

Wireless Rentals

1. Internet Rentals
If you have an event that lacks WiFi, they will provide the service for you. They have air cards and WiFi hotspots to get you connected to the internet.

2. Smart Phones
They have Android, smartphones, and iPhones. They come equipped with cellular service for events and application testing.

3. Radio Rentals
They have Nextel radios that you can push to talk. They also have two-way radios.

In conclusion, if you are a small business with limited budget, you can rent various temporary office equipment and technological equipment until you get your feet on the ground. The type of services you expect to get range from computer rentals, rentals of a server, and tablet rental. You can get other rentals such as display rentals, monitor rentals, and TV rental. Furthermore, you can rent office equipment, event rentals and wireless internet rentals.

Four Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

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Four Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings
With everybody searching for just about everything on Google these days, making sure that your website takes the coveted top ranking in the SERPs is crucial. Rank any lower, and you’re exposing your business to extra competition, namely from whoever’s taking up the spot above you in the search engine results. But, what can you do to make sure that you are exhausting all methods and strategies to give your website the best chance of a good ranking? With Google’s algorithm now being all about quality, we’ve put together some top tips to improve your search engine optimization.

Be Friendly to Mobiles

And tablets, for that matter. With more and more internet users ditching the classic desktop and laptop PC in favor for their mobile devices, Google has caught on and is penalizing any websites that don’t provide just as amazing an experience for their users who are viewing from a tablet or smartphone. When it comes to mobile-friendliness, a responsive design is the best way to go. Responsive designs are easily the best option as they adapt to the screen the site is being viewed on, ensuring that your viewers will get the same awesome experience whether they’re using a tiny Android smartphone or an iPad Pro.

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to content, any good search optimization company will tell you that it’s not about how many words that you have on the page. For ages, webmasters churned out content for the sake of getting as many keywords as possible out there – and although it may have worked for a while, the user experience became terrible and Google has done something about it. When writing content for your site, you should bear in mind that Google will be much more favorable to those sites which provide content that is clearly written with the user’s needs and interests in mind. Providing content which is highly shareable, rather than just keyword dense will put you in a much better position of hitting the top spots in the SERPs.

Site Performance

Your site performance alone could be having an effect on the way your website is appearing in Google search result rankings. This is because Google is now putting far more emphasis on the user experience, and giving top spots to sites which provide their users with a flawless experience when they visit. If your site takes forever to load, Google won’t favor you much – so make sure that you choose a website design or theme that loads quickly ready for your users to get started.

Use Social Media

Sharing is caring – and if you care about your website and where it appears in Google’s search results, making use of social media is important. You should ensure that your site uses different ‘share’ icons for the various social media sites, as well as provide links to your users to your own social media profiles where applicable. Push for Google+ sharing as this can affect your rankings.

Remember – the user always comes first!

How to move/transfer Windows 10 to SSD without reinstalling Windows

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How to move/transfer Windows 10 to SSD without reinstalling Windows
It is a simple task when you transfer the data from the old drive to the larger one through disk clone. But, it is the complex task when you move the data from the old drive to the SSD, as the things gets confusing. So, instead of moving the data from the old drive to the bigger drive you are migrating to the smaller drive. So, follow simple steps to transfer windows 10 to SSD:

1. Take the backup of everything and delete all your personal files. So, that the data gets fit into the SSD.

2. Clone the current disk onto the SSD. So, now you can move the data from the backup to the SSD, and restore all your personal files from the backup image.

So, you can enjoy the high speed migration from Windows 10 to SSD, and also you don’t have to delete the personal files to transfer. Or, you can use the software to do the task for you in just some clicks:

EaseUSToDo Backup is the software which allows you to take the system backup and clone the disk. So, it allows you to migrate the Windows 10 to SSD by cloning disk and without reinstalling the Windows. Lets’ see the steps how to clone the disk and migrate the Windows 10 to SSD:

1. Launch EaseUS and then click on Clone.
2. Select the disk which you wish to clone.
3. Now, select the destination disk where you wish to save your files. Sector by Sector clone option allows you to clone all sectors from source disk to destination disk.
4. Preview the disk before cloning and then click on Proceed to execute cloning.

Why to clone your hard disk?

If you are planning to upgrade your hard drive to the bigger one for your PC, then you should make the identical copy of the hard disk. Now, the question is how you make the identical copy of your hard disk?

So, here is the answer. You can use EaseUSToDo Backup Free software to migrate the data from the hard disk to the newer one in Windows 10. It does the job in minutes and in few clicks. It is not just copy and paste option it allows you to start your computer and programs without reinstalling the systems and applications. So, clone hard drive Windows 10 is possible using the EaseUS software:

How to move/transfer Windows 10 to SSD without reinstalling Windows
Cloning is the best option if you wish to upgrade your hard drive into the bigger one or to the SSD.  You might think that the chances are high you might lose the data. But, while cloning you can take the backup image first and then clone your hard disk. Then, you can bring back all the files from the backup image. EaseUSToDo Backup is such software which allows you to take the backup of the personal files, do sector by sector cloning and then it allows you to restore the personal files from the backup image.

Besides cloning the hard drive it allows you to take the backup in several formats like differential backup and incremental backup which protects your data.

Windows 10 Lumia Smartphones vs Google Android Smartphones

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Windows 10 Lumia Smartphones vs Google Android Smartphones
The debate over which system is better has been going on for quite a long time. The race towards gratifying oneself with the latest technology is something that the 20th century is known for. Therefore, in a situation where in two strong competitors stand opposite each other to compete for which one serves the best purpose, it becomes extremely difficult for one to decide for sure. Let’s compare two of the most popular leading systems in the market and figure out which one’s better.

Android is a mobile operating system (OS) based on the Linux kernel and currently developed by Google, whereas, Windows  is a metafamily of graphical operatingsystems developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft. Android was released 6 years ago back in 2008 with a marketing target of smartphones, tablet computers, TVscars and wearable devices. Windows, on the other hand, has been in the market since November 20, 1985 – making it 29 years in total. Its marketing target has always been personal computing which later developed into phones and other devices as well. The most recent version of Windows for personal computerstablets and smartphones is Windows 10 as of now and Android just recently came up with 5.1.1 "Lollipop" three months ago.

Both the system operations have gone through major modifications over the years given and each time, they came up with something newer, it became increasingly difficult to choose which one is better. Android had gotten its biggest design update in 2014, with the introduction of Lollipop 5.0. It caused a rave in the market in terms of innovation, upgrade and material design. On the other hand, Windows took a completely different step forward by designing unique through its optimal use of resizable tiles flipping.

The Android operating system had its own app store namely, The Google Play wherein one can download countless number of applications and generate content. Whereas, the Windows operating system has the Window Store, which provides the user with the best experience of the app space existence.

Android is known for coming in so many different sizes and modes. On one hand where it can be looked upon as an advantage, there is always a possibility of the lack of consistency. This is where the Windows phone provide the ability to function on all devices due to its stability.
Both the organizations are showing latest developments in all fields possible.

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What Is Fibre Optic Broadband?

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What Is Fibre Optic Broadband?
It’s new and it’s fast, however that appears to be the only two things persons know about fibre optic broadband. Therefore why is fibre optic broadband being addressed as the holy grail of super-fast internet connections?

Here’s an exciting fact for you – a fibre optic cable is thinner than a single human hair. They are made from glass or plastic, which are intended to transmit virtual info at very high speeds. Now are you prepared to talk technical?

Do you recall when we believed we were the bee’s knees when we had ADSL broadband in our households? Or even worse when we had to connect to the internet by dialling up. Though, now the internet has been transformed with the introduction of fibre optic broadband.

The future of the internet is fast and optimistic, because of fibre optic broadband. At one time we merely dreamt about quicker internet speeds. Though, it currently estimated by the close of 2013, internet speeds will be trebled. On earlier ADSL connections, we had access to speeds of 24Mbps maximum. Though, now with fibre optic broadband, speeds of equal to 100Mbps can be gotten.

A fast connection might not be appropriate for wireless routers and smartphones, particular experts say. Whereas others have said there is no demand for fast internet speeds on devices and phonesfor example laptops. This is where the real discussion begins.

A high-speed internet connection might be great for your home if you like catching up on your preferredtelevision programme online, download lots of music, games and movies. However, the disadvantage of fibre optic broadband is that it is not low-priced.

How Fibre Optic Broadband Works

Signal can now be prolonged over larger distances with an enhanced frequency. This is because of improved bandwidth, which leads to faster internet speeds.

Compared with ADSL, there will be a reduced amount of interference on a fibre optic connection, as it directs the info as light. Copper wires were used to direct the info on ADSL connections, hence why it was a great deal slower.

Pros of Fibre Optic Broadband

Superfast Downloads – By the close of 2013, internet speeds are expected to reach 300Mbps. This is up from the present maximum speed of 100Mbps.

Speedy Uploads – Files can currently be uploaded to the internet at speeds of 30Mpbs; this is quicker than ever before.

Multiple Users – Numerous people can use the identical line on a broadband connection without slowing the speed.

Cons of Fibre Optic Broadband

Price – Typically you will pay anywhere between £15 and £20 for each month for a fibre optic connection. Though, this can vary from provider and month.

Availability – Fibre optic broadband is now being rolled out through the nation. Therefore, merely the most inhabited areas have access to it.

Fibre Optic Broadband – The Different Types

Fibre optic connections still usually use copper cables. The three key types of fibre optic broadband are FTTC, FFTP and FTTH.

FTTC (Fibre-To-The-Cabinet) – Copper wires are used to direct the info to the household. However, the info will be directed to a native exchange through a fibre optic connection.

FTTP (Fibre-To-The-Premises) –A fibre optic connection will be directed to the grounds. However, a copper cable will be used to direct the signal to each specific room.

FTTH (Fibre-To-The-Home) –The fibre optic connection comes straight to your household.

80% of fibre optic connections in the UK are over the FTTC. It is somewhat slower than the FTTP and the FTTH connections. Though, the FTTC connection is easier to uphold and is consequently one of the key reasons for such a high fraction use through the UK.

How fast is fast?

Now, most fibre optic users are getting speeds of either 40Mbps or 80Mbps. Those on an 80Mbps connection will obtain upstream speeds of 20Mbps, while those on 40Mbps connection will obtain upstream speeds of either 10Mbps or 2Mbps. Though, it is common to in fact receive a slower connection. E.g., it is fairly normal to obtain a full speed of 39Mbps when you ought to be getting a 40Mbps connection.

Certain retailers might offer the 20Mbps upload product speed with a 40Mbps downstream speed; this is attained by stopping the downstream speed in the dealer’s network. Not everybody will obtain the full speed as it depends on the distance of your telephone line to the cabinet which is providing your broadband package.

Download speeds of 330Mbps and upstream speeds of 30Mbps are obtainable if you live in an area with a FTTP connection.

Viewing movies online, listening to music, sending messages are just some of the things that will be speeded up with a fibre optic connection. But just how much faster will they be?

How long would it take to download?
Every Friends Episode
Basic Broadband (2Mbps)
6m, 51s
49m, 13s
1 day. 13 hrs.
Fibre Optic Broadband (20 Mbps)
4m, 45s
3hrs, 48m
Future Speeds 2013 (300 Mbps)
14m, 54s

The Future of Fibre Optic Broadband

Fibre Optic Broadband
By the end of 2013 anybody receiving FTTC with speeds of 40Mbps is expected to have that enlarged to 80Mbps. FTTP is expected to rise to 100Mbps.

Because of complex geography, signals in country areas are poor. Though, there might be a resolution. A Fibre-Through-The-Air (FTTA) connection is being established. Various platforms for example CPEs, receivers, modems and aerials will be used to combine all the signals into one. This will increase the signal volume and is comparable to single fibre uniting wavelengths. Though, this is still in progress and won’t be obtainable in the UK for some years yet.

Fibre-like speeds and volume are currently available in certain country areas in France. Bluwan have established a FTTA system which offers multi-gigabit wireless resolutions to country areas.