C++ vs. Java Language

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C++ vs. Java Language

C++ is a popular programming language. It was first developed by Bjarne Stroustrup (a computer scientist) in 1979 at Bell labs. In 1983, it was named ‘C++’. It is literally refers to modification of the C language. C++ is very simple and efficient language. It is considered as middle level language. It comprises combination of both high level and low level language features. It is based on object oriented programming language (OOP) as OOP is based on our daily life activities. 

Java is a computer programming language developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems and appeared in 1995. Java is high-level object-oriented programming language. Java is advanced efficient language. It can be used to create video games, interactive web-pages, really anything that is loosely coded. The origins of the name 'Java' is not clear as all texts are dissimilar about Java. 

C++ vs. Java
If you are into programming and computer science, you no doubt have been exposed to C++. The industry standard is C++ because of its easy expandability and because it is a difficult language to learn when you get into memory management. Many teachers favor it in college, with the attitude of "once you have learned C++, you can learn anything else because everything else is easier." Many everyday applications people use have been programmed in C++.

On the other hand, Java is very object oriented, and offers one thing that helps with the dreaded memory management issues of C++. Java includes a "trash collector" that takes the tedious task of worrying about memory off of the programmer. Many Java critics claim that Java is a bad language to use, because of its slow speed. This may have been the case when Java was first introduced, but with latest releases Java has been proven to run almost as fast as the same application made in C++. Java also includes many packages that aid in graphics coding. In order to achieve these things in C++, you need to fool around with the internal GUI, or learn different languages such as DirectX or OpenGL to accomplish what is already included in Java.

The choice still comes down to the coder. If they prefer a language that is used more they can choose to code in C++. If they want to offload difficult tasks and focus on graphics and GUI interfaces, they can choose Java.

Similarities of Both (C++ & Java): ---

Both have certain similarities. The most remarkable are:

1. Object-oriented programming

Both are based on OOP

2. Portability

You can practically compile the same both (C++ and Java) codes in almost any type of computer and operating system without making any changes. Both are the most used and ported programming language in the world.

3. Shortness

Codes written in both are very short in comparison with other languages, since the use of special characters is preferred to key words.

4. Speed

Speeds of C++ & Java are marvelous as compilation speed is very better.

Finally both are beneficial languages plays an important role in computer programming...


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