C++ Language

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C++ Language
C++ is a popular programming language. It was first developed by Bjarne Stroustrup (a computer scientist)in 1979 at Bell labs. In 1983, it was named ‘C++’. It is literally refers to modification of the C language.

C++ is very simple and efficient language. It is considered as middle level language. It comprises combination of both high level and low level language features. It is based on object oriented programming language (OOP) as OOP is based on our daily life activities.
In C++, cout and cin functions are used like printf and scanf functions as printf and scanf are used in C language.
Characteristics of C++
C++ has certain characteristics. The most remarkable are:
1.    Object-oriented programming
C++ is based on OOP.
2.    Portability
You can practically compile the same C++ code in almost any type of computer and operating system without making any changes. C++ is the most used and ported programming language in the world.
3.    Shortness
Code written in C++ is very short in comparison with other languages, since the use of special characters is preferred to key words.
4.    C Compatibility
C++ is backwards compatible with the C language. Any code written in C can easily be included in a C++ program without making any change.
5.    Speed
Its speed of compilation is very better. The resulting code from a C++ compilation is very efficient, due indeed to its duality as high-level and low-level language and to the reduced size of the language itself.
Specialty of C++
The specialty in C++ is its application domains as include systems software, application software, device drivers, embedded software, high-performance server and client applications, and entertainment software such as video games.
Special Characters
In C++ language, special characters which mostly used are { } [ ] << >>;
The first book of C++ Programming Language was written by the developer “Bjarne Stroustrup” and published in October 1985.

Finally, C++ is one of the most popular programming languages even created as today millions of peoples are using…


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