Introduction to HTML Language

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HTML Language

The full form of HTML is Hypertext Mark-up Language and was composed (invented) by Tim Berners Lee (born on 8 June 1955, a British computer scientist, MIT professor and the inventor of the World Wide Web) in 1990. Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) is commonly used to create a web-site means language for describing web-pages. HTML is not a programming language as a simple, unique mark-up language commonly used to develop web-pages in systematic manner. But, the question is what mark-up language is? Mark-up language is considered as a set of mark-up tags and HTML uses such mark-up tags to distinguish web-pages. Such mark-up tags are commonly called HTML tags.

Now, the question is what are HTML tags? HTML tags are nothing as it considered as keywords which are surrounded by angle brackets and normally HTML tags comes in pairs similar like this - shown in below image. Different HTML tags are used for different processes as for example if you want to bold a sentence or word then, you will use bold pair and in between you will write your sentence or word. In other words, tags comes in pairs as first tag for start tag and second one for end tag. Start and End tags also known as opening and closing tags.


There are number of tags in HTML and we can combine many other languages like CSS (cascade style sheet), Java script etc to create dynamic unique web-page.

All browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, and Internet Explorer etc read HTML documents and display them as web-pages or we can say that a web-site. So, what are HTML documents? HTML documents are those documents which contain HTML tags and plain text as to describe web-pages and those HTML documents are also called Web-pages. Browsers does not show the HTML tags but, use HTML tags due to interpret with the content of the page. The Following is the way to write code in HTML way-


In this way, you can write your code. Finally, Hyper-text Markup Language (HTML) is the first step in internet means priory used first language to create web-pages or web-site and known as common language for internet...