Ten Online Writing Errors

Posted by Bhavesh Joshi On Sunday, April 29, 2012 0 comments
ten online writing errors
Hi! in this article, i am gonna to showing you the list of top ten most common online writing errors. The aim of this tutorial is to make online writers more aware against of their errors as so they can address the issues and perhaps become more successful at online writing. Although this article is designed for all online writers, it is mostly meant for newer members of the online community.

Online writing has certainly become a popular way to make extra money. Furthermore, online writing offers so much valuable information to the general public. However, many people often become frustrated when they do not drive in the amount of traffic that they desire or make the income that they are targeting. Well, the truth is that many online writers make several errors that prevent them from reaching their goals. If you want to get goal then, you must need to take care from those errors. These errors are following as-

1. Poor Title Choice:  It is so important that all online writers choose a proper title. The title needs to be catchy, to the point, and marketable.  The title should not be to lengthy and not to short.  The title should be unique and something that people can easily find in the search engines.  Many online writers will choose a title that is not successful.

2. Grammatical and Mechanical Errors:  All online writers need to make sure that their writing is free of all errors.  All articles should be written in Standard English sentence structure.  When you have errors, it makes you look unprofessional and unreliable.  People will not take your work serious.

3. Top Quality Content:  Many writers may have poor content.  Poor quality content often means content that is not unique or useful to the public.  The content should contain useful and valid information.  All content should contain specific explanations and clarifications.

4. Duplicate Content:  Many online writers will post their published articles on other online writing sites. Many feel that they will earn double the money for one article, which is not fully true.  Posting already published work will confuse the search engines and will prevent your working from showing up.  Keep all articles unique on each online writing site.

5. False Information:  Make sure all of your work is true.  Many online writers will post false information.  Some may do this unknowingly, and others may do this and think they will get away with it.  When your information is false, it will cause you to lose credibility.

6. Lack of Social Networks:  A lot of online writers fail to see the necessity of building their social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook.  When you have a large social network and promote your article, your views will increase significantly.   For example, I have close to 4000 followers on Twitter.  I tweet my articles daily and earn anywhere from 4000 to 7000 views a day.

7. Reading and Rating Fellow Writers:  There are many online writers who will not even bother to read and rate other writers work.  When you do take the time to read and rate others, it will get you name out there and help build your online writing site network.

8. Lack of Online Etiquette:  There are some online writers who lack etiquette, which means they are rude and will post negative comments on other people’s work.  This also means that these people will write offensive content, which attacks other people or ideas.  Furthermore, these people will start drama with the online writing site, such as criticize their payment methods or writing rules.

9. Not Writing Enough: It is important to build your article portfolio.  It is a good idea to produce a decent amount of articles, so people can get to know you as a writer and learn what you specialize in.  If you only have written fifty articles, then you may not be driving in the traffic that you desire.  However, if you have over 200 articles, then this will give people a change to get to know your work.

10. Tag Usage and Backlinks:  Many online writers fail to see the importance of having proper tags or key words.  Tags/key words are what show up in the search engines.  It is vital to have tags that are relevant to your article content and title.  They should be one word or short phrases, which are separated by commas.  Three to six tags are enough; too many will confuse the search engines.  Also, backlinks are vital to promoting all of your past articles.  Be sure to backlink relevant past articles to your newer work, so people will view your past work as well. 

If you take care from these above errors in your online writing then, you could get your goal. I hope this article is interested for you. Thanks for looking!


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