Tips for Beginning Writers: How to Write an Article

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How to Write an Article
It can be a daunting task to write an article; it can b especially difficult when you write for a living. You can quickly run out of things to write about. The first thing you want to do is to think of a topic to write about. The next thing you need to do is to write a good lead sentence for your topic.

Prior to writing your essay you need to determine whether you wish to inform the reader of something or if you want review something or compare one thing with another as with an argument. You want to write an article that other people will want to read, since part of our income has to do with page views.

It’s a good idea to choose your keywords before you write your article, so that you can plan how your article will go. If you have trouble thinking up popular search words, you can use Google Adwords. It’s free to use this website for keyword searches.

It’s also important to research your topic. You may be able to write some topics off the top of your head if you are knowledgeable in a certain topic. However, if you are not an expert in a topic, it will behove you to do some research to back up what you are saying in your article.

Personal experience is good, but the whole article should not be an opinion article. The reader can relate to you if you do put some personal experience in your article. However, to keep from writing an opinion piece, you may need to also use references from online and offline. If you are getting your information from a certain source, it is a good idea to cite the source by mentioning the source or by hyperlinking your source in your text.

Your article should have distinct parts. You should have a definite introduction, and the body of the article and an ending. Many writers sum up what they have written in a summary, or give a definite conclusion to the article.

Once you have written your article, you should let it rest for a while and then proofread it and make any editing changes if needed.  It’s difficult to see our own mistakes when we read our article, so it’s best to let it sit an hour or so and then come back to it. We are so accustomed to the way we write; we won’t always see our mistakes. A good way to remedy this is to read your article aloud. A teacher friend of mine taught me to proof my articles by reading them from the bottom up. It trains the brain to see more clearly what we have written.

Let’s talk a bit about grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and the general form of your article. Every sentence should start with a capital letter. Every sentence must have a subject and a verb. Use commas sparingly. You should have a reason to use a comma. If you can’t think of a reason to use a comma, then you probably don’t need to use one. Most people think you put a comma where you think you need to pause. This is not always the case. We use a comma before the words for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so. It’s easy to remember those words that require commas because they make the acronym FANBOYS. There are more rules about commas that will be addressed in another article. Going into all the rules now would just confuse the focus of this article.

We also need to check for originality.  There is so much on the Net nowadays that it is hard not to repeat something that someone else has written. A common phrase might get picked up by a site’s built in plagiarism software. Knowing this, it might behove you to think of another way to word common expressions.

There are some good plagiarism checkers on the Net that are free to use. I use and also If my work does not come back with a 100 percent rating, I look it over for common phrases that might be getting caught in the software.

If you are new to writing, try not to get discouraged. Everyone gets discouraged from time to time in the beginning. The thing to remember is that writing is a craft that we must learn. We are not born knowing how to write. It takes practice; thus, we should be practising our craft as often as possible. I try to write something every day or nearly every day.

Article Writing is really an interesting art to do. I hope you understand- how to write an article by my above useful tips. Thanks for looking and please don't hesitate to make a comment (feedback)...


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