How to Crack Windows 7 Password

Posted by Bhavesh Joshi On Sunday, May 6, 2012 0 comments

Are you hiring the easy best way to crack windows 7 password? Are you don’t have best !dea to crack windows 7 password? Then, you are at right page as in this tutorial, i am gonna to show you- “how to crack windows 7 password”. In my previous tutorial, i represented you “how to crack windows password” as with the help of this tutorial, you can crack every windows OS password but, the process to crack password in windows 7 is some little bit different. Click here! to go-to previous tutorial- “How to crack windows password”.

In order to crack (hack) windows 7 password easily, all you need is to learn one simple command as here I am going to show you- how to crack windows 7 password with command prompt. Firstly, open command prompt wizard--- go-to “Start- enter ‘cmd’ then, right click on cmd and run it as administrator like this-

Now in command prompt wizard, use (type) ‘net user’ command in command prompt as through this, you will get the list of all users which are created in your operating system. 

Then, type ‘net user username’ as here in this command, username means- type that username which you want to crack password. Through this command, you will get whole details of that username. 

After this type ‘net user username *’ as through this command, your OS (operating system) will directly ask to enter new password (no need to enter old password) . So, enter new password two times and use ‘exit’ command in order to close command prompt.

In this way, you can easily crack (hack) any Windows 7 OS password. I hope it is interesting and useful. Please feel free to make comment (feedback)… 


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