How to Give Password in MS Office 2007 Document Files

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Microsoft Office Professional 2007Hello! As I previously described- How to Protect Document Files in Windows but, that tutorial was based on MS Office 2003. In this tutorial, I am gonna to showing you- how to give password in MS Office 2007. As we know that MS Office 2007 having lots of interesting features. This is good designed and too easy to use and you can also protect any MS Office 2007 document files via password in an easy way. So, in this tutorial, I am showing- how to do it?

Let’s start-

In order to protect your MS Office 2007 document files via password, firstly open any MS Office 2007 document file. Here, I am showing MS Office Word 2007 file and protecting it via password.

Microsoft Word 2007

Now, the next step is to click on File menu (present at the left top position).

MS Word 2007

In this file menu, choose- “Prepare”.

Give Password in MS Office 2007 Document Files

Now, click on “Encrypt Document” option.  

Give Password in Microsoft Office Document Files

Then, an Encrypt Document wizard will appear. So, insert there your desired password (based on you).

Encrypt Document

It will ask you to again insert your desired password in order to confirm it.

Confirm Password

Now, your file is protected via password as save it by any name and close that file and again open then, it will ask you to enter password in order to open. If you typed wrong password then, your file will not open.

Enter Password in MS Office 2007

Microsoft Word

In this way, you can easily protect any MS office 2007 Document files. I hope you like this article; feel free to make comment (feedback)…


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