The Pluses in Investing in Electric Vehicles

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The Pluses in Investing in Electric Vehicles
Pound for pound, electric vehicles would leave internal combustion engine cars in their dust. There are many pluses why one should start saving to purchase an electric car in the near future. Here are some of the positive benefits that electric car provides.

Fuel Efficiency

Electric vehicles do not produce pollutants that are introduced into the environment. Also, the fuel it uses is efficiently utilized unlike in internal combustion engines, most of the power from the fuel is lost as heat. The current statistics indicate that an electric vehicle uses half of the fossil fuel resources an internal combustion engine per mile. Their electric motors run at 600% more efficiency compared to a normal internal combustion engine car. Fueling the electric vehicle is one-tenth the cost of fuel for internal combustion engines per mile. EVs also are not tied down to gasoline, as it can source electrical power even from renewable sources.

Cost Efficiency

Because of the fuel efficiency, the cost of powering an electric vehicle is a fraction of what it costs to fill up a gas tank. Other costs include maintenance costs, parts costs and repair costs. An internal combustion engine requires high maintenance costs because of the many parts needed to operate it. Parts also become expensive and one needs an expert mechanic to properly repair an internal combustion engine. This does not hold true for an electric vehicle as there are few moving parts used. The concept is quite the same as any household appliance and instead of repair, replacement is the better option without skipping a beat in its efficiency.

Pollution Efficiency

As previously stated, the electric vehicle does not produce any pollutants. Internal combustion engines on the other hand produce as a byproduct of power production pollutive gases such as carbon monoxide. Furthermore, the production of fuel for the individual unit produces less pollution for the electric car compared to the internal combustion engine car. Another source of pollution is the creation of the vehicle. Because of the green perspective in the creation of the electric car, the methods of producing parts and the body of the vehicle has a much lower pollution result compared to the steel and ironworks needed in the creation of an internal combustion engine car. As a final result, the electric car’s parts can be recycled unlike most of the parts in an internal combustion engine car.

As can be seen, there are many benefits and advantages an electric car has over an internal combustion engine vehicle. The electric car is more fuel efficient, cost efficient and pollution efficient. This benefits not only the individual owner but also the environment as a whole.

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