Useful Google Search Tips

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Useful Google Search TipsAs we all know that Google Search is at the first position with compared to other. What we want, now we can easily get through Google in terms of searching for anything online. Google Search is the most efficient in the whole world. But, here the question is- Do you know the full power of Google search? or you have used it as only scratched the surface (common searching). Mostly people use their Google Search only for searching simple common keywords but, not only common searching as it can do many more for you. You can use it as to find right time and like a simple calculator. So, read right now the list of best useful google search tips as these will help you to find interesting and useful information. These useful google search engine tips are-

1.      Calculator
In order to use Google’s built-in calculator function means like a calculator, simply enter the calculation in the search engine which you want to done. For example, search like this- 5*10+20-60= and get the result. It is too best for difficult and fast calculation.

Google Calculator

In order to easily see the time in many cities around the world, you need is to type “time” and the name of the city (state) like this- time paris.

Google Time Search Tips

3.      Google Currency Conversion
Now, you can convert any currency any time on Google Search. Convert like this- 1 USD = ? INR. It’s really efficient and best way to get result effective and fast.

Google Currency Conversion Tips 
4.      Maps
Are you looking for a map? Then according to my thinking, google search is the best way. So, type in the Google Search- name (city or state name) or U.S. zip code of a particular location and the word “map”. It will return a map of that location and by clicking on the map as will take you to a larger version on Google Maps. It is also a great google search trick.

Mumbai Map
Delhi Map

Google Maps Search Tips

5.      Google Definitions
You can easily use Google Search for a online definition. To get definition of your desired word, type in Google Search like this- define:word and then, get the definition. Examples like- define:photon, define:einstein etc.

Google Definitions Search Tips

6.      Google Weather
You can also use Google Search as a weather search. In order to search weather of your particular (desired) location, search like this- weather “location” (desired location). Examples like-

Weather Indore, India
Weather Mumbai, India

Google Weather Search Tips

7.      Google Books Search
It is also helpul to bring online books. Seach like this- Books about “book name” and then, get the book. Examples-

Books about c language
Books about UNX

Google Books Search Tips

8.      Telephone Number
Now Google no longer supports personal telephone and address searches because of numerous user complaints.

These above Useful Google Search Tips are really beneficial for you in any case. I hope you like this article, feel free to make comment feedback…


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