How to Execute PHP Code?

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PHP Interpreter
As we know that PHP language is used create dynamic web-pages or we can say that a dynamic web-site. PHP is a server side scripting language that can be used in web browsers. PHP can be embedded into regular html code, just like JavaScript and CSS, if you change the file’s extension to PHP. It allows a developer to perform more complicated operations possible within the web environment. Because PHP is server side, it offloads much of the computations from a visitor’s web browser, to the internet server.

Today, millions of web-sites using PHP codes. For beginner, it is really unique language to learn in order to design (create) dynamic web-page. PHP code execution process is really different with respect to html, css, javascript, etc. As we know that HTML code can be easily executed with the help of notepad (text editor) in which all we need is to enter our html code and save it (notepad file) with .html extension and then, open that file caused executable code will show in browser. But, PHP script execution is different. The PHP script is firstly executed on the server, and then, the plain HTML result is sent back to the browser. So in this tutorial, I am gonna to showing you- how to execute PHP code?     

In order to execute PHP code easily, just download WampServer or XAMPP from internet and install it in your computer. Actually, these softwares are used to make own server in order to execute PHP script. These softwares are completely free to use and very efficient.


Xampp for Windows
Here, I am using WampServer for PHP code execution process.  

After installed WampServer, put it “Online” as-

Wamp Server Put Online

In order to check, WampServer is working or not as open any browser (like Mozilla) and type in address bar- “localhost” and press “enter” button from your keyboard then, WampServer Web will open.


Now, write your PHP code in notepad file and save it in “.PHP” extension. If you don’t know PHP language then, go-to site- and learn carefully.  

Here, I am just making a simple PHP file and showing how to execute it. So open notepad, write code and save with “.php” extension in folder named “www” which is in your location- “c:\wamp\www”.

php.php file


Open web browser and type in address bar- “localhost/php.php” and then, you will get result of your php file.

In this way, a PHP script got executed. I hope you like, feel free to make comment (feedback) and check out more tutorials and ideas in order to learn something new…

Few wonderful accessories for smartphones

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SmartphonesWith the rapid advancement of technology, the functionally of a phone has moved beyond making and receiving calls. Phones, in the form of smartphones come with numerous enthralling features. Moreover, a number of accessories have developed for smartphones. If you’re an owner of a smartphone, make sure you have appropriate accessories for it. This article contains a description of few wonderful accessories for smartphones. Read along to know about them.

A list of accessories for smartphones

Given below is a list of fabulous smartphone accessories:
  1. Aliph Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset – The Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset contains a number of marvelous features which makes it a desirable Bluetooth headset. It contains background noise cancellation feature because of which the quality of calls can be quite good. It also contains stellar audio quality. In order to cater to the requirements of various users, it contains customized fitting option. Further, this headset can mitigate sounds of wind during calls which will allow you to converse smoothly. It comes with a number of ear wears.
  1. Energizer Energi To Go – This is extremely functional accessory which can be a savior when your phone battery is on the verge of becoming dead. This is a portable charger which you can carry anywhere with you and you’d not require any outlet for charging your phone. It just requires a battery (AA) for getting its power. Make sure always carry AA batteries with you. This charger is compatible with HTC, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, LG and Palm smartphones.
  1. BodyGuardz by NLU Products – It can be very upsetting to find scratches on your smartphone. Thus, getting an accessory for scratch protection is very important. The BodyGuardz is an accessory which provides complete scratch protection for your smartphone. They come in the form of transparent skins which can not only be used for your smartphone’s screen, but also for its back cover and spines. This accessory is available for a number of brands such as BlackBerry.
There are numerous accessories which can be found for smartphones. They provide protection to smartphones and enhance their quality. The accessories mentioned above can be very useful for your smartphone.  

The tale of the Androids – Features that attract

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The tale of the Androids - Features that attract-->Android is one of the newest software platforms that brought in the use of Linux kernel with regards to the operating system. However, Android gained the greatest popularity because of its awesome features and the open nature. Some of the most important features of the Android phones, for which people pine to own one, are the likes of:
  • Automation – Tasker is a powerful Android automation program helps you with turning the simple phone of yours into a Super phone, just like the jacket of the Spiderman. If the right commands are used, Tasker is powerful enough to access the deepest settings of the cell, which is impossible on other platforms.

  • Widgets – Though widgets take up space, these are equally convenient too. The music widget showing the track playing, the time and weather widget, the to-do list widgets, which are very helpful.

  • Alternate Keyboards – There are various characteristics of the keyboards like that of the text predictors - Swiftkey and the innovative Swype and, then the adventurous like 8pen. Typing through the usage of a phone keyboard is not easy, and so it is advantageous that Android provides such great option.

  • Wireless Application Installation – With the advent of the new Android Market, and also the third-party websites like that of AppBrain, it has become easier to find some of the coolest applications.

  • Removable Storage and Battery – Though it is not a necessary part of the software, just because the Android is of open nature, it allows different types of hardware advantages like those of swapping, upgrade the battery and the SD card. In case of an iPhone, once the storage capacity lowers, you have no option, but in case of Android , you can get a new SD card for more storage.

  • Flash – Whether it is a case of accessing the website that is mainly based on Flash, watching the videos enabled with Flash, or while playing games for example Kongregate, you will see that Flash provides access to lots of things which, otherwise, you wouldn’t have got.
So, here are some of the best Android features that you can vie for.

Some of the upcoming gadgets that will catch your eyes in 2012

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Upcoming Gadgets
-->2011 was okay for the world of gadgets and for the gizmos but most of them are waiting for the latest ones for the year 2012. There’s too much of excitement in the year 2012 as the gadget season will be a better and a flashier one. While we all were waiting for the dual-core tablets a few days back, with the onset of 2012, we’re looking forward to the quad-core revolution. Gone are the days of Android 3.0 and Google Chrome OS as this is the time for Android 4.0 and Windows 8! Have a look at some of the coolest gadgets that you should know about if you’re a gizmo or a gadget-freak.
  • Amazon Kindle Fire: This is only out in the United States of America as of now and for all the other countries like the UK, it still remains a gadget. The reviews here and there call it a brilliant media consumption electronic device that doesn’t burn your wallet and this makes it the best gadget in the year 2012. All of us are interested to know the video streaming options and all the content that it can launch outside the US.

  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime: When it comes to horsepower, this is where tablets start to gain momentum. The Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime is among the first Nvidia Tegra 3 tablet that carries a quad-core processing and the amazing graphics performance and this can also be called a portable device. The device is even unbelievably thin and light-weight and this makes it too portable.

  • Windows 8 tablet: When it comes to Windows 8, there are lots of questions that need to be answered. Though there is not much information, but yes, Microsoft is certainly coming up with the best among the tablets. Until Microsoft pulls it off, you got to wait for this device to reveal itself in the market.
Therefore, when you want to upgrade yourself by owning the best gadgets, you may take into account the above mentioned points so that you can easily stay stylish and also technically sound.


Top 5 Web-Sites to buy Cell Phones

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Buy Cell PhonesIf it is time for you to get a new cell phone, it may be for a variety of reasons. Whether your last phone has broken and you need a new one within the next day or 2, or you are just browsing around until you find the perfect one, you should know where to look to find the best price and phone. Sometimes it can be scary purchasing a phone sight unseen because you don’t know what you’re getting into. If you have an idea of what you want, here’s’ where you should head to buy them:

1.       The website of your phone service carrier

This is the best place to start looking. If you are a Verizon customer, the Verizon Wireless website will probably be the best place to purchase your phone if you are due for an upgrade. You will find the best deals this way because the website offers an even greater discount than in the store as long as you’re renewing your contract. The carrier website sometimes even offers free phones as well as refurbished ones.  Purchasing from your carrier’s website means you know who you are buying from and you can send the phone in to them to fix.

2.       Ebay is a great place to buy used and new cell phones. Ebay is a safe online place to purchase phones and other items because you can read sellers feedback whether negative or positive. You know who you are buying from and if you can trust them. Phones are often priced way lower than your carrier’s website. The great thing about buying from ebay is that you don’t have to be ready for a contract renewal. You can purchase a discounted phone any time of the year.

3.       Amazon offers many cell phones both used and new. Amazon offers phones at a discounted rate allowing you to save hundreds of dollars on used, refurbished and new phones. Amazon also allows you to read customer reviews of products so you know what people are saying about your phone of choice. 

4.       TigerDirect

Visit to view hundreds of unlocked cell phones as well as phones with different wireless services. Tiger Direct offers incredible saving on cell phones and many other wireless gadgets. They also sell cell phone accessories and have regular clearance items. 

5.       Best Buy

Best Buy has stores around the country but their website offers great deals on phones as well. You can get no-contract phones as well as cell phones through different services. Best Buy is great because if you have one in your area you can check in the store to see which type of phone you like the best and then order from the comfort of your own home without pressuring salesmen at your side. 

How To Get Twitter Followers

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How To Increase Twitter Followers
Many people tend to struggle with the notion of getting followers on their Twitter account. In fact, many people will find sites that they have to pay for followers. Well, there are five outstanding sites that will offer you up to 100 free twitter followers a day. If people use these sites every day, that is basically over 5000 free twitter followers a month. This article will discuss the five free Twitter follower sites. Believe me, these sites are very helpful and easy to use in order to increase twitter followers. In this article, i am fine representing- How To Get Twitter Followers.

As we know that Twitter is one of the most popular social networks that allow you to promote your business, companies, and other online work, such as articles.  In order for Twitter to work well, you need to have a large account of followers. It really is best to have over 3000 followers. However, many people tend to struggle with the notion of getting followers on their Twitter account. In fact, many people will find sites that they have to pay for followers.  Well, there are five outstanding sites that will offer you up to 100 free twitter followers a day. If people use these sites every day, that is basically over 5000 free twitter followers a month. This article will discuss the five free Twitter follower sites. is an outstanding site that will allow you up to 100 free Twitter followers a day.  All you have to do is sign in with your Twitter account.  The site will only allow you to sign in every 24 hours. There are no contracts or obligations.  This site does not ask for any personal information. also has a buy followers option for $65.00 USD.  This option will earn you up to 3000 followers over a three-day period.

Site That Offer Free Twitter Followers works much like  This site will also allow you to earn up to 100 free Twitter followers every 24 hours.  All you have to do is sign in with your Twitter account.  This site also does not ask for any personal information.  There is also an option of buying 3000 twitter followers for $65.00 USD.  Either way, the site offers 100 free followers everyday with not obligations or contracts. 

Site That Offer Free Twitter Followers works exactly the same as the previous two sites mentioned in this article.  The site has all the same benefits, such as 100 free Twitter followers every 24 hours or 3000 Twitter followers for $65.00 USD.  This site does not require any personal information, such as credit card information.  If you decide to buy followers, you can check out with PayPal or credit card.

Site That Offer Free Twitter Followers will also provide customers with 100 free Twitter followers every 24 hours.  This site will also charge $65.00 USD for 3000 followers.  Customers can also check out with PayPal or another credit card.  If you decide to take advantage of the free followers, you will not need to provide any credit card information.

Site That Offer Free Twitter Followers is exactly the same as the other four sites mentioned in this article. works exactly the same and provides all the same benefits of the four other sites.  It will provide 100 free Twitter followers every 24 hours or 3000 followers for $65 USD.  Take advantage of using all five free Twitter follower sites everyday, build your Twitter account, and promote your work.

Site That Offer Free Twitter Followers

Through above sites, you can easily increase your twitter followers. So, try above sites right now today and feel free to make comment (feedback) here...