The tale of the Androids – Features that attract

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The tale of the Androids - Features that attract-->Android is one of the newest software platforms that brought in the use of Linux kernel with regards to the operating system. However, Android gained the greatest popularity because of its awesome features and the open nature. Some of the most important features of the Android phones, for which people pine to own one, are the likes of:
  • Automation – Tasker is a powerful Android automation program helps you with turning the simple phone of yours into a Super phone, just like the jacket of the Spiderman. If the right commands are used, Tasker is powerful enough to access the deepest settings of the cell, which is impossible on other platforms.

  • Widgets – Though widgets take up space, these are equally convenient too. The music widget showing the track playing, the time and weather widget, the to-do list widgets, which are very helpful.

  • Alternate Keyboards – There are various characteristics of the keyboards like that of the text predictors - Swiftkey and the innovative Swype and, then the adventurous like 8pen. Typing through the usage of a phone keyboard is not easy, and so it is advantageous that Android provides such great option.

  • Wireless Application Installation – With the advent of the new Android Market, and also the third-party websites like that of AppBrain, it has become easier to find some of the coolest applications.

  • Removable Storage and Battery – Though it is not a necessary part of the software, just because the Android is of open nature, it allows different types of hardware advantages like those of swapping, upgrade the battery and the SD card. In case of an iPhone, once the storage capacity lowers, you have no option, but in case of Android , you can get a new SD card for more storage.

  • Flash – Whether it is a case of accessing the website that is mainly based on Flash, watching the videos enabled with Flash, or while playing games for example Kongregate, you will see that Flash provides access to lots of things which, otherwise, you wouldn’t have got.
So, here are some of the best Android features that you can vie for.


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