Apps that Can Help You Stay Fit

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Apps that Can Help You Stay FitI hear plenty of people complain that modern technology is keeping the population sedentary and is making them obese as a result. As true as this is for many people, this does not have to be the case! Smart phones are one area of technology that is very conducive to fitness. With a couple of quality apps, your phone can be nothing less than a personal trainer in your pocket. Here are a few apps I recommend looking into:

1.     Get Running (Couch to 5k): This app is designed for beginning runners and consists of a 9-week training program to help you to go from zero fitness to running for 30 min without stopping. Get Running keeps track of your achievement and can post your success on Twitter and Facebook to allow friends to keep up with your progress.

2.     Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker: This app by MyFitnessPal allows you to scan barcodes for nutritional facts, log your meals, and keep track of what you put in your body. The worst thing about dieting is the time and energy that goes into it, but this app makes it simple so that you can just live your life and be healthy.

3.     Garmin Fit: This app is definitely one of the best all around. Besides keeping up with your heart-rate, distances, route traveled, and calories burned, Garmin Fit can even help you select a work out playlist and let you analyze your exercise improvement trends. All of your data can be stored on the Garmin Connect website for review. This is a great tool for monitoring progress and keeping you engaged as you train.

4.     All-In Fitness: This app contains over 700 exercises featured in 1,000 HD-quality videos, 100 full workouts, and advice from real trainers and coaches to help set you off on the right track. Essentially anything you could need to know about getting fit, straight from your iPhone!

5.     Motion Traxx Radio: Have you ever stressed over finding the perfect playlist for your workout? Chances are that even if you haven’t you understand the importance of good music in getting your body going and keeping your mind occupied. This app by Deekron the Fitness DJ allows you to select a playlist that stream directly to your phone and is adjusted to the pace of your workout. Whether running, walking, yoga-ing, or pumping iron, this app has a playlist for you!

6.     Strava: This app allows you post your new times on distances and trails that you and your friends are familiar with. The goal is that the social network of competitors will help motivate you to continue getting better as you best your friends’ times and they best yours. The app also includes various metrics that determine your elevation, pulse, distance, and power.

7.     TrainingPeaks: This app is a sort of training log that allows you to schedule workouts and meals. You input the data from your recent workouts and the VirtualCoach feature offers tips on how to improve. With data upload from dozens of devices possible, and the annual regimens to keep you busy, this app can help you do some serious damage in the gym.

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