Going Green: Top 5 Eco Friendly Apps

Posted by Bhavesh Joshi On Thursday, July 26, 2012 0 comments
Who says that technology can’t help improve the state of our planet’s environment?

Whether you want to get all the latest news and updates from the hottest green websites out there or learn how to cut food wastage, there are plenty of eco friendly apps that can aid you along the path to a greener lifestyle.


For all the latest in sustainable design, green news and solutions, Treehugger is your go-to site. Now you can keep up to date with what’s going on in the green world with the Treehugger app that offers users news and podcasts from its main site, as well as the hottest environmentalist info out there! The app is easy and quick to use and navigate as everything is helpfully organized into categorizes such as; business, beauty, food, science, design and health, providing you with the current news for each from an eco friendly perspective.



Rather than dumping your recyclables in the trash, why not use the GreenCan app to locate your nearest public recycling bin? GreenCan makes it super easy by allowing you to search via the material you’re wishing to recycle, and that’s not all, the app also provides invaluable feedback to the city to help them improve the placement of different recycling facilities.


Love Food Hate Waste

Millions of dollars worth of food is thrown away each year, simply because people failed to plan their meals ahead of time! The Love Food Hate Waste app helps you to combat this wastefulness by providing awesome tips for composting, food storage, meal planning, plus delicious recipes from celebrity chefs. Simply enter whatever ingredients you have lying about in the fridge as well as the number of people you’re cooking for and viola…the Love Food Hate Waste app will generate a whole host of recipe ideas for you to choose from!

Love Food


One persons trash is another’s treasure…well that’s what the creators of ReBounty are claiming anyway! This sustainable little app is the easiest way to discover what has been left or dumped on curbsides all over the city. Set up alerts for what items have been found near you, and before you know if you could deck out your new house with reclaimed furniture. A little love and attention and you can end up with some incredible items that may be worth a few bob. Everyone loves to make money with iPhone apps!



This app is the ideal solution for those looking for advice on how to reduce their carbon footprint. The GreenYou app allows you to track your carbon footprint and with the customizable program Green Plan, you can discover your individual effect on the environment along with great tools you can implement to change this impact.


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