Twitter Do’s and Don’ts When Promoting your Business

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TwitterIf you are running an online business or have a website for your offline business, there is a likelihood that you have heard about or come across the popular social networking site known as Twitter. Perhaps, you already have a Twitter account but you do not feel like it adds any value to your business. As a matter of fact, Twitter can be an excellent tool for promoting your fledging business, if a number of important rules are followed. While you are allowed to post almost anything on social media, there are number of unwritten etiquette rules that you ought to follow when promoting your business, particularly on Twitter. This article will outline these rules.

If you choose to ignore the below rules, do not be surprised if people turn down your friend requests or stop following you! In addition, always bear in mind that that Twitter is an online society - not an advertising medium. Not everyone will positively respond to your promotional efforts; so do not expect to just open a Twitter account, post a number of your business links and instantly get an overflow of traffic or overwhelming sales for your product. Nonetheless, if you focus your efforts towards making relationships and connecting with your prospective clients, you will be able to secure new business deals after a very short period of time.

Do’s and Don'ts when Promoting your Business on Twitter

Let us begin with what you are supposed to be doing:

- Do follow an amount of people you will be able to deal with; aim to maintain an equal number of people you are following to those who are following you back, until you establish yourself and business.

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- Do post links to your most recent blog entries, transactions and client testimonials - but be moderate.

- Do share and Retweet links to other user's products, blog posts and offers. By showing interest in other people's products, they will definitely return the favor and show similar interest in your products too.

- Do utilize Twitter to invite some of your prospective clients off their handles and onto your business blog. Then once they subscribe to your blog, you can take your promotional efforts a notch higher. Always remember that Twitter only gets you new introductions and connections, and that you will have to convert these into clients and sales on your own separate platform.

- Do DM (send direct message) your follower(s) about something that is related to them. For instance, if you decide to follow someone because of their recent funny post, DM them to say hi and tell them that their post got you laughing out loud and made your day! Do not forget to keep your DM messages friendly.

Here is the list of things of what you should not be doing: 

I Use Twitter Wrong- Do not auto DM your followers those pre-written self-introductory messages. They are outright irritating. Connect with your target audience first before sending them any of your personal links. After all, if people were initially interested they would have read about you on your bio line.

- Do not rant and rave about your significant number of followers. It is ok get excited when you realize that your promotional efforts are beginning to bear fruit, but let it be your best kept secret!

- Do not open a Twitter account and immediately begin to follow as much people as possible. Once you have your account running, find new people to follow as slowly as you can. Otherwise, people will mistake you for a spammer. Understand that no one will follow you back if you have a single update, are following 600 people and have only 2 people following you back.

- Do not base all your Twitter updates on your business, blog or products. You must have real and friendly chats with your followers in order for them to trust you as an individual first. This means that you have to pay close attention to what other users are saying, and engage in discussions that are not specifically related to yourself, blog or business.

Lastly, since the number of Twitter users is growing everyday, advice new users against falling prey to any of the above annoying habits. By politely informing them what not to do, we will surely have a much better social media environment to interact in.

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