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Hello everybody, now I am going to represent you some websites through which you can make free international calls or international calls at too much cheap rates. Now, you don’t need a Smartphone to benefit from super low international call rates. These websites are really helpful for your daily international business in order to make calls. So in order to make calls, all you need is to create an account on those websites and then, you will be able to make free or cheap calls. If you have any query regarding websites then, you can see FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) page or contact us page in order to contact. Here is the list of those websites as follows ––

1     Rebtel
With Rebtel, you can use any regular mobile or land-line phone to make your calls and save up to 98% on your phone bill. No hassle, no fine print and no hidden fees – enjoy great voice quality and reliable connections at the world’s lowest rates. Rebtel is all about choice. Would you rather call from your PC, Android or iPhone? Download one of free apps and get started saving on your international calling instantly. A great thing (service) by it is that you can make free mobile to mobile calls to any Rebtel member so get your friends to download an app too. Sign Up now to use this service…


2    Vopium
Vopium is an award winning, free mobile phone app you download to your mobile phone. Vopium enables you to save up to 94% on your international calls by taking advantage of mobile VoIP technology. With Vopium, you can call around the world from the freedom of your mobile phone for the same low price and great sound as a local call.

Register, download and start calling in just 3 minutes. They'll give you 5 free minutes and 5 free international SMS just to try us out. Get started here.


3    Voip Stunt!
VoipStunt is a free program that uses the latest technology to bring free and high-quality voice communications to people all over the world. When you use the free VoipStunt software, you can call regular phones in various popular destinations for free or call at an incredible low rate to any other phone on the planet.

You can also call all your online friends (peer-to-peer calls) as long as you like, for free. Just click here to download VoipStunt; the download should take only a few moments depending on your connection speed. 

4    Evaphone
Cheapest international calls from your mobile, landline and computer from 0.2¢ per minute as try, make your first call free. Sign Up Now or Know More about Evaphone…


5    Jajah
Call contacts anywhere in the world and use your existing phone and save up to 98% on your bill. Try a free call, check out Jajah


6   jaxtr
It is easy to save lots on your phone bill with jaxtr. Through this, you can save up-to 100 % on international calls with your mobile! So, how it works?

1. Enter your number to get local jaxtr number
2. Call the jaxtr number on your phone
3. Dial your destination number after the prompt and talk

Have any question, check out jaxtr


7    Viber
Free calls, text and picture sharing with anyone, anywhere! No registration, alias or invitations required. Instantly integrates with your own contact list and Best-quality mobile calls using 3G or Wi-Fi.  Get Viber


There are many more websites but, above considered as top best. I hope you like, feel free to make comment (feedback)…


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