The Affects of Electronics on Relationships

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The Affects of Electronics on Relationships
In today's society, millions of people use computers and other electronics on a daily basis. While the Internet does have its advantages, especially when it comes to communicating information in a time efficient manner and being able to help businesses flourish, it still has its downsides as well. Think about relationships. The Internet and electronics have become so commonly used by people that relationships are often harmed by them. From spending too much time in front of the TV playing games on an Xbox 360 to literally spending more than ten hours a day on the Internet, many people have lessened the amount of time they spend verbally talking to each other; this issue plays out negatively in many homes and relationships.

Social Isolation

Much research has been conducted on the affects of Internet and electronic addictions. Just like any other addiction in life, such as to food and drugs, the people that suffer the most are those we are close to. To keep it simple, we hurt our relationships. These relationships can be those that are at home, with loved ones, friends, and even co-workers. Too often, people substitute electronic relationships in place of real ones, and this can unfortunately lead to social isolation.

Reduced Real-Laughter

Everyone knows that laughter can help lift people's spirit when they are feeling low; however, when someone types 'LOL' on an electronic device and sends it as a text message, no real laughter is heard. People should not substitute real conversations with those that are typed out on the display of a computer or electronic device. Instead, people should remember that face-to-face communication as well as talking over the phone can be used to boost one's emotional health and spirits.

Confused Text Conversations

People often become confused, and sometimes infuriated, through text messaging. When communicating in this manner, there is no real way to identify the tones being used by the people texting. Due to this unfortunate characteristic of texting, people often send messages in one way, but the receiver interprets them in an entirely different way; this only hurts relationships and causes them to function in unhealthy manners.

Overcoming Electronic-Relationship Issues

One of the best ways to avoid hampering relationships due to electronic devices is to limit oneself to the amount of time used on them. It is also important never to communicate a message on the Internet that one would never say in person to the person who is receiving the message. Furthermore, it is pertinent to keep in mind that face-to-face conversations are much healthier and less confusing than those sent via electronics. 


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