How to Fix Blue Screen of Death BSOD

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Hello everyone, today in this article, I am going to represent you solutions for Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). What is Blue Screen of Death? BSOD is nothing as just a very common error which occurs in almost all versions of Windows OS whether Windows 7 or Windows XP or Vista. It is occur whenever windows encounter a serious problem caused OS halted. It can be occur through major or minor hardware or software related issues. Yeah, that’s right that you can solve this problem through restart of your PC but, many times the Blue Screen of Death doesn't allows you to reach to your desktop or even you reached to your desktop but, within minutes it will appear again sudden. It could be possible that it can annihilate a fresh copy of windows installed in your computer. So, how to fix BSOD?

You can easily fix this BSOD issue through follow some of my simple steps. Before we get started, you must examine all the factors that have triggered BSOD. Here are some tips that you should do when you encounter a BSOD. These are –

1.      Some BSODs are too bad that can really end up your fresh copy of Windows which is installed on your system. Whenever you will not able to access your data after the appearance of Blue Screen of Death then, you can get lost through of all your precious data. So in order to get all your previous data, you need to try your best to reach the desktop as you can try by going into the ‘Safe Mode’ option or ‘Last Known Good Configuration’ option. You can try both of these options through pressing the F8 key from your keyboard but, before the appearance of the Windows loading screen. If you will do it correctly then, you will found the ‘Windows Advanced Options Menu’ screen where you will get these options as Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, Last Known Good Configuration and many more. Take a look at the below screenshot of Windows Advanced Options Menu.

Last Known Good Configuration

2.      If your PC is displaying the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ screen after the recent installation of any hardware or software then, try to uninstalling that hardware or software and watch if that resolves the issue. After uninstalling the recent hardware or software that caused the problem, you can perform virus scan on your system for best results.

3.      Whenever you will get the BSOD, please also read the message appears on it carefully which caused the problem BSOD. Usually, the error screen contains a ‘STOP ERROR’ code which consists of alphabets and numbers. The code created based on the problems that have caused the BSOD error. So, here you need is to note the error code.

Stop Error

Now the next thing is to find out what caused the BSOD by searching through STOP ERROR code on the internet. You can do this on your secondary PC as all you need is to type the STOP ERROR code on Google or any other search engine and hire out what solutions are available. A very good way to hire solutions for all kinds of Blue Screen of Death errors is to take a look at the Microsoft Support website. At Support Center, you will get all the possible results that you can use to get rid through BSOD screen.

Microsoft Support

4.      One more way to get rid through BSOD is to repairing registry errors by registry applications that are caused by software. And alternatively, you can also try the System Restore option in order to go back to a date when your computer was working properly.

System Restore

Through above ways, you can easily get rid through Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). I hope, article is useful and helpful for you, feel free to make comment (feedback)…          


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