How to Check Plagiarism for Free

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How to Check Plagiarism for Free
Today, it’s must important to publish original articles on Internet in order to get good rank and traffic. Article writing is really an art to make interesting unique articles on any topic. Your English language must be perfect (grammatical error free) to make such kind of articles. In order to get high rank and traffic, you must need to make interesting comprehensive original articles (plagiarism free). But, as we know that internet has lots of articles on single topic and our own created article could be copied at some portions. So, how we can check its accuracy and how we can rectify plagiarism in it?

In order to rectify plagiarism, you need to pass your content through online plagiarism checker software. Through this process, you will get the idea about your content as how much percentage it is copied, when your copied article is published and where it is actually present. So, when you search on Internet for Online Plagiarism Checker, you will get lots of online plagiarism checker websites and all gives good result but, not best as they will say you to upgrade your account (choose premium plan) in order check your content too accurate. In order to see it, here I am giving you a website which helps you to check your content in too accurate manner. It’s really best and important, free to use service.

Not only to check your content, it also helps you to rewrite your content. So, if your content got duplicate then, you can easily rewrite it (make it plagiarism free) within minutes through use of this service. You can also get free backlinks through use of this service.

What are Backlinks?
Backlinks are counted as “how much other websites holding your website url”. It is good to get free referral traffic from that website and alexa also counts - how much backlinks a website having in order to increase its rank. Alexa contains whole record of each website which published.

From this service, you can check your website backlinks through use of backlink checker tool.

Through use of this service, you can also get idea about your website keyword position in Google, Bing and Yahoo. You can also use Search Engine Pingler tool to recognize Google search engine, when you have made a change on your website! Within seconds, you can check your website’s Google page rank through use of Google pagerank tool.

100% Free SEO Tools

There are lots of other tools which sure helps you to promote your website. It’s named is – Small Seo Tools (Online SEO Tools or I can say that 100% Free SEO Tools). I hope you will like! Feel Free to make comment (feedback) about this post…                 


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