What are E-mail and E-com

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Electronic Mail
What is E-Mail (Electronic Mail)
E-mail is a mode of communication of information or message. The network of channel connected two computers for sending message immediately. The message can be sent by a computer it can be sent on other distant computer where it is wanted. 

In this system digital information is remitted through telephone line in the form of on-line, from one computer to for distance computer. The modem plays the important role for connecting to distance, computers. It requires the e-mail address for such communication The message can be read or can also be printed with the help of printer. Now it is used in industry, commerce occupations and education. It is economical than Fax, Telex, STD and Speed post or courier.

E-mail services are used in automobiles, engineering and share marketing. 

What is E-com (Electronic Commerce)
Electronic CommerceE-Com is a new system in our consumers marketing. Under this system sale and purchase of commodities is done in the same way. In our country the E-com facility is in the beginning stage, but it has reached more 500 crores rupees business. E-com facility is provided by the following companies- Annual, ICICI and National stock exchange. The investment laws have not been formulated in our country. It is the reason that this facility of E-com could not be developed in our country. The Central Government is taking some solid steps in the development for E-com facility. 

The main source of E-com is electronic data exchange. Under this system the data are converted and- transmitted through internet system. In the E-com facility customer chooses the commodity to purchase on website. Then he has to fill up a form on available computer. He has to provide the following information as -

(a) His credit card number.
(b) Payable amount and
(c) Name of * firm for purchasing commodity. 

The customer has to deposit the required money in selling firm or transfer the amount. He can issue a cheque by his digital signature. The facility is available in the countries where digital signatures have been legalized. 


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