How to Pull Text from Images and Scanned PDFs in a Snap

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How to Pull Text from Images and Scanned PDFs in a Snap
If you have experience using PDF files on a regular basis, and most people do, then you probably know that not all PDFs are the same.  Even though PDF files are popular for the fact that they are universal and look the same no matter what platform you are using, that does not mean that they are all created equally. 

There are essentially two types of PDFs – PDFs generated from an electronic source and scanned PDFs that were made from the image of a paper document. The first type is the most common. If you have created a document in Microsoft Word and then saved it as a PDF, you are talking about the first kind. However, if you have a spreadsheet of business data on paper that you have scanned and saved as a PDF, you are working with the second type.

PDFs generated from electronic sources are easier to access. This is because the characters and information that is found within the PDF already have electronic character designations, meaning that they can be easily recognized and pulled from the PDF. Scanned PDFs are another story entirely. They are essentially image files. Therefore, if you want to extract information from them, you are going to have to use a tool that can read and recognize those characters visually and then translate them into electronic form. 

That is one of the featured benefits that Invest in tech’s Able2Extract 8 Professional offers to users. Most PDF converters, both free online tools and paid software, cannot extract information from scanned PDFs. However, thanks to Able2Extract Pro’s industry-leading OCR technology, there is no PDF that cannot be converted using this software. 

OCR stands for optical character recognition, which is technology that enables the software to literally read the scanned image and recognize the characters that are found within the image and then turn them into electronic characters before converting the scanned image PDF into another, more editable file format. 

Using Able2Extract Professional 8, users can take scans of physical book pages and convert these image PDFs into editable Microsoft Word or Text files. Or they can take a scan of a data table that was handed out at a recent meeting and convert the PDF into an editable Excel spreadsheet for further evaluation. 

Here’s a look at how the process works.

This is a scanned PDF that we want to convert into an editable Microsoft Excel document. 


Run Able2Extract Professional 8 and open the PDF.

Able2Extract Professional 8 Software

Once the file is open, you can choose to either convert the entire PDF by selecting “All” or only parts of the document by selecting “Area.”

Convert the entire PDF by selecting “All” or only parts of the document by selecting “Area”

In this example, we will only convert one table within the PDF, not the entire document. Simply select what you want to convert with your mouse. 

Convert one table within the PDF

Now click on “Excel.”

Now click on “Excel”

Since the conversion of PDF to Excel documents really requires a lot of accuracy so that the output file is easily usable immediately, Able2Extract provides custom options for Excel conversions that allow you to get everything exactly write. To use these customization options, click on “Define.”

Custom options for Excel conversions

The Custom options allow you to define the rows and columns to make sure that everything is set up perfectly before you begin the conversion. You can even preview the file before committing to the conversion. 

Custom options allow you to define the rows and columns to make sure that everything is set up perfectly before you begin the conversion

Once you have set up the columns and rows perfectly, simply click the green “Convert” button and select where you want your file to be saved. This is what the defined columns and rows looked like once we completed our customization of the conversion output. 

PDF Converted File 
OCR technologyAs you see, Able2Extract Professional 8 provides users with the advanced OCR technology needed to interpret the characters locked within scanned image PDFs and then translate them into electronic formats before converting the file into an editable document.

Not only that, but the software also offers advanced settings and features that enable users to create tailor-made and incredibly accurate conversions that will not need any further editing before use. This professional PDF conversion utility is available for $129.95 or a month-long subscription license can be purchased for $34.95.

How to Install Drupal in your Localhost

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How to Install Drupal in your Localhost Machine
As we know that today Drupal is mostly used to handle an ecommerce website. The reason is due to it is free, easy to use, secure, and efficient open source content management platform. Not only easy to use, it is also easy to install in your system (localhost machine) as it just takes some minutes to complete. And with the help of drupal, you also don’t need to learn web-designing programming languages like php, javascript, etc in deep. It will handle your website more sophistically. In this CMS, you don’t need to code more as it has already made modules which have everything whatever you want and made everything easy. Here, you need to code at that time when you design your own template or to make a dynamic template. So, in this post, I am going to show you how to install drupal in your localhost machine to order to learn drupal easily without any loss. It is best process for beginners to learn drupal. It is step to step tutorial which show everything clearly but, if you have any query then, you can contact us. Let’s start –

In order to install drupal in you localhost machine, first you need to install software named wampserver or xampp. You can get wampserver at here and xampp at here!

Download and Install Wampserver

Download and Install XAMPP

Are you thinking about wampserver?

What is wampserver? WampServer is a Windows web development environment which allows you to develop web applications with Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database. Alongside, PhpMyAdmin allows you to manage easily your databases.

XAMPP is similar just like wampserver. Now, choice depends on you. You can learn their official sites how to install such software in your computer. Here, I am using wampserver to install drupal. So, after successfully installed, please run software as open wampserver and “put it online” and then, check in any browser through type in address bar “localhost”. 

Put Online WampServer

If wampserver web is opened then, it is successfully installed. You can try to execute php code in wampserver in order to check it working properly or not. If you are new with php and don’t know how to execute php then, please watch this tutorial first – Click here!

Now, it’s time to download and install drupal in your localhost machine. Learn more about drupal at its official website – and to download - Click here!

Download Drupal

After successfully download – please unzip that file and then, you will get folder. Now, it’s time to rename that folder as it would drupal-7.21. Convert it to name “drupal”. 

After renamed, put that folder in location – “C:\wamp\www”. 

Put drupal Folder in WWW Folder

Now, create a database for drupal in order to host data of your drupal website with the help of phpmyadmin as open phpmyadmin web in your browser through address “localhost/phpmyadmin”. 

Open phpMyAdmin Webpage

Create drupal Database

In that website, Create a database named it as drupal and then, add a user as it will work as to enter in database. Enter login information, set password and grant all privileges to work as admin (super user). 

Check Privileges of drupal Database

Add New User For drupal Database
Enter Login Information to Access drupal Database

Check All Privileges in order to Make Your User as Super Admin

Finally, it’s time to install drupal. Enter an address in any browser as “localhost/drupal” and open it to get drupal wizard. This is six step setup as in first step – please choose standard option and click on save and continue button. 

Choose Standard Profile Option

In second step, English will be your default language. You can choose other language as there you will get an option to learn how to install drupal in other languages. Click Save and continue button to move to step three.

Choose Language

In step third, enter your database name and login information to access database and to host your drupal website data. And then, click save and continue to move forward to step fourth.

Enter Database Configuration Information

In fifth step, it will install...

Drupal Installing

In sixth step, you need to enter your website information as site name, official email address. You need to enter also - site login username, email address to backup and password and withit also need to do server settings and finally move forward through save and continue button.

Enter Your Website Information
Enter Your Drupal Website Login Information

Set Server Settings

Finally installation completed. 

Drupal Successfully Installed

Welcome to Your New Drupal Website

In this way, you can install drupal. In my next tutorial, i would give introduction to drupal, a few basic common tools of drupal for drupal beginners. Thanks for watching...

Repair a Slow Pc - How to Fix a Slow Computer With These 3 Measures

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Repair a Slow Pc - How to Fix a Slow Computer With These 3 Measures
In order to get your slow computer up and operating like when you 1st bought it, you need to stick to a number of straightforward actions that will support you fix Windows right away.

Consider to run the Windows updates in order to fix all the files and safety loopholes from the prior update. Though this process is quite critical to repair Windows and prevent a slow laptop or computer efficiency, a great deal of individuals don't appear to bother updating their operating program. This method can be done effortlessly. In reality, there is an alternative that will let the personal computer to automatically update and repair Windows ahead of shutting down.

Sadly, Windows updates are not adequate to safeguard your pc from virus and malware attacks. Viruses, malware, and spyware are known to be great contributors to a slow computer performance. In order to get rid of these files and totally repair Windows, you need to have to have a separate system that will manage these files.

Anti-virus and anti-spyware plans can be bought all over the Internet and having these tools will preserve your laptop or computer protected and will offer an added line of protection to stop a slow computer. This will also help you effectively repair Windows and increase the efficiency of your computer.

Anti-virus and Anti-spyware Softwares to Repair Slow PC

Most of the time, a slow laptop or computer is a result of damaging files contamination, all you have to do is to launch these safety programs and allow it scan your computer for viruses, malware, and spyware. If you managed to get a very good security application, you can get rid of these sorts of files in less than an hour.

As soon as you remove viruses, malware, and spyware from your pc utilizing safety applications, you require to execute a registry repair. You want to get rid of the roots of these files that are seeded deep in the registry of your personal computer. Having a registry repair plan will support you get rid of these files simply and automatically.

Registry Repair Tool in WindowsYou will notice that right after you have employed the registry repair tool with your slow personal computer, it will run a great deal more quickly compared to its speed just before the cleanup. Usually preserve in thoughts the processes that are essential in order to preserve your computer working in ideal problem. Aside from security applications, you also need a registry repair instrument that will aid you repair Windows and your pc instantly.

Update Windows, remove harmful files, and execute a registry repair are the essential actions when dealing with Computer issues. A registry repair instrument is as crucial as possessing security applications. This will aid you maintain a healthy personal computer by routinely performing a registry repair.

Update Windows
Is your personal computer taking also significantly time to boot up? Or do you need to have to wait lengthy time to get response from an application? Slow laptop or computer is a extremely frequent issue which all the laptop or computer customers knowledge. There are a lot of motives for which personal computers slow down above time. Lack of proper upkeep is a single of them. There may possibly be virus troubles as well. Occasionally due to operating method troubles also lessen the speed of the personal computer. 

Benefits of VoIP for Companies

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Benefits of VoIP for Companies
Communication is made easier with VoIP. Over this medium you can make calls and send messages over the internet. You can improve your company’s profit margins by using VoIP to hold your corporate conferences. This article will explain the advantages of VoIP and why it should be a necessity for every company. It is hard for business to ignore the advantages of a VoIP system as they have become so obvious.

No Travel Costs – Cut back

Almost immediately you will get a return on investment because a VoIP unit will last you several years. Travelling to meetings can be an expense that can be hard for some companies to financially justify. As you won’t need to travel when using VoIP you will save both money and time. So by using VoIP you will remove any expenses that accompany travel. Research has stated that VoIP can be used to hold most business meetings. A VoIP system will almost always cost less than your annual spend on travel. When speaking to someone on VoIP it will seem like you’re sitting next to them. The current economic conditions have made it difficult for some companies to maintain profits. Your company may find that VoIP is the way forward as there can be an extravagant cost associated with travelling to meetings. The people travelling will still need to be paid and their expense will also need to be covered.

Better Proficiency

You are almost always guaranteed that an error in communication will occur when your team members are working from different locations. E-mail and phone generally are not the best ways to communicate. Quicker decisions can be made with VoIP and therefore your company’s productivity will be increased. A phone conversation alone can make it difficult to tell what mood the person you’re speaking to is in. Tasks get completed quicker when there is good communication. Audio-visual calls are now available on most VoIP systems. When we can see the person we’re speaking to, better communication naturally occurs.

Enhanced Employment

You don’t need to bring every job candidate to your offices. So initially you can find out each candidate’s suitability for the position by using VoIP. Other decision makers can see the interview if you get permission from the applicant to record it. So, managers don’t need to be physically present at an interview to be involved in the recruitment process.

Staff Holding

Giving a company phone to all your employees can be expensive. However, companies can more likely to retain their staff by giving them remote access to work from home. Dissatisfaction levels with the balance between work and home life stands at 84%. This was from a survey compiled by the Corporate Executive Board of 50,000 employees. The commute to the office that employees face every day has been revealed as the number one reason why people resign from their jobs. VoIP can by employees to contact their managers when working from home. Most people have Skype on their laptops.

Interactive Capacity

This is what allows us see whether our friends are offline are online, send messages, make video calls and send pictures. Rich media ability is possible because of additional procedures and application on VoIP. You can use VoIP on a number of different devices meaning that you have a number of media choices. Therefore, a new market has been opened to the communications trade. VoIP calls are now able to take place on mobile phones. However, this always advancing equipment is merely making customers more challenging. When fax first came to light that was thought of an advanced phone, so it may be hard for some people to believe that there was a time when telephones could only make phone calls.

Telephone Movability

Keeping your number the same is important for many business people. Anywhere you go you can keep the identical number if you have a VoIP enabled phone. This would be appropriate for those who regularly travel as part of their business duties. Quite often telephone numbers need to be changed when you move into a new building. So your phone number can be retained with VoIP.

Competitive Advantage

We are more likely to trust someone when we can see them. Companies are now commonly being phoned by customers on Skype and other VoIP applications. Your company’s phone calls can incorporate VoIP to gain the competitive advantage.

Ecological Initiatives

Since you won’t need to travel as much your will reduce your carbon emissions. A VoIP can now be included if you report on your corporate social responsibility.

When purchasing a VoIP system, keep these points in mind:

          A broadband internet connection is needed for VoIP to work at full capacity
          Where you will be keeping the VoIP system
          The amount of people that will be taking part in the calls
          Where you will be using it

Entry Phone ArrivalBellMerger

Your phone can be used to let people into the building. A VoIP phone can have the bell for your door incorporated in it. So if you don’t like getting up to let people into the building this this could be the perfect option for you.

Call Diversion

When you’re out of the office, your other phones can have your calls from certain numbers diverted to them. So any numbers you haven’t approved will be directed to your voicemail straight away.

Transcribe Voicemails to Email

Your voicemails can be duplicated and sent to your email address. VoIP can now transcribe your voicemails and send them to your email address. Now you don’t need to panic to write down phone numbers and addresses.

Song on Hold

When you place a caller on hold, you can have background music playing when you using a VoIP system. When someone is on hold the last thing they want to hear is silence.

Creative Ways of Using Print for Marketing

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Creative Ways of Using Print for Marketing
Promoting any type of business or website can be difficult at the best of the times, and often expensive too. Especially if you’re competing in a business which has lots of established competition, then you have to compete with other companies who probably have much larger budgets than you do. This leads to many businesses and websites failing in the early stages of their website or business launch, simply because they do not have the right knowledge, tools and skillset to market their business or website appropriately.

Most business owners or website owners will use methods of marketing such as television advertisements, radio adverts, adverts in local magazines or newspapers, banners, posters, and even digital forms of marketing such as pay per click marketing and search engine optimisation. All of these methods of marketing can do wonders for your business or website, but they can be a huge strain on your wallet too.

Ways of Using Print for Marketing
One method of marketing which a lot of people seem to forget about is print marketing; print marketing involves making use of printed products such as flyers, postcards, business cards, leaflets, catalogs and other such materials to help you advertise your business or your website. Printed marketing is a fraction of the price that you will pay for digital marketing, and can have just as impressive results. To help give you some ideas on how you can put print marketing to use for your business or website I have found some fantastic examples and listed them below for your inspiration.

I hope these examples have given you some great ideas which you can go off and use yourself to help you market your own business or website. You could get even more creative than the examples above and opt for something like custom door hangers, or table tents. Something slightly different should stand out more than the everyday print products in mass circulation.

Print for Marketing

Whatever you decide to have printed, make sure you pick a printing company who can deliver high quality printing results for you. There is nothing worse than creating an amazing design and having it ruined by low quality prints. By using an established printing company with a good reputation you will guarantee that your prints are going to be delivered looking just the way they should, meaning you should achieve the results you’re expecting. If you end up with low quality prints then you are not going to experience very good results from your print marketing campaign – that’s for sure.


Graduates Could Bridge Skill Gap in Growing Data Centre Market

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Graduates Could Bridge Skill Gap in Growing Data Centre MarketYouth unemployment in the UK is a persistent issue and one which has intensified in recent years as a result of the ongoing economic crisis and the lack of jobs available.

This problem is further compounded by graduate unemployment, with highly qualified youngsters leaving university only to find that there are not jobs for them to fill.

However, the Data Centre Alliance (DCA) believes that it could tap into this pool of unexploited talent and encourage out-of-work graduates to get involved in this emerging industry.

Prioritising Employment

The DCA points out that statistics show that the data centre market is expanding at a rate that is more significant than any other area of the British economy. If this growth rate is to be sustained then data centre providers need to find more staff to help them cope with demand, because at the moment there is a deficit of skilled workers who are able to make up for the gap.

This is why the DCA has announced the creation of a graduate boot camp which is explicitly targeted at those university-educated people who have not got a job elsewhere and could be in a good position to start a career in a data centre.

Scheme spokesperson Simon Campbell-Whyte points out that the problem being faced by data centre operators is not only that there are not enough skilled employees, but also that the average age of staff members is over 50. This means that the problem will only intensify if it is not addressed sooner rather than later.

Mr Campbell-Whyte argues that at the moment many graduates are simply not aware of the opportunities that are available to them in the data centre industry, in spite of the fact that many of the services they use on a daily basis will be entirely reliant on this infrastructure.

The intention of the scheme is to help graduates and even those who have already worked in other areas and industries to acquire the skills necessary to make them a valuable team member within a data centre environment.

Probable Prospects

The project is located at the Dockland's campus of the University of East London. Perhaps most important of all is the fact that it is free to attend, with the costs being covered by a number of data centre sponsors.

These shows just how eager data centres are to get the right kind of employees, who will be able to work effectively over the coming decades.

A small group of 21 people is going to take part in the boot camp, with a 10-day course scheduled to instill them with the kind of knowledge and information that will help them succeed in interviews for data centre jobs.

It will be interesting to see whether or not this scheme is effective, particularly given how important it could ultimately be to the industry.

Data Centre Shop has a large range of data switches available to enterprise customers which can be viewed, compared and purchased online.


How to Build Career in Game Design and Development

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How to Build Career in Game Design and Development
In the age of digitization, computer and its applications occupy strong position and skillfully serve the individuals in different spheres of life. One of the biggest contributions made by computer is in the field of game designing and development. Globalization and multinational culture has widely made its space and masses have adjusted to the changes. The culture has specially affected those in metropolis cities where both the parents work and the child mostly remains hooked to TV and Computer screens. Here games have become major source of entertainment for kids. In fact not only these kids, but parents to join the young ones in the same and are making the generation techno savvy each day.

But from where do various 3d characters come from. You might not be even aware of from where does that Mario came when you were knee high to the grasshopper but with all zeal you tried gathering the coins in the game.  Today’s generation is more demanding. They want better each day and hence the demand for game designers is widening.

Game design and development has evolved as a strong career. Many students are enrolling in to game designing courses to pursue a career. If you are willing to plan a career as an artist, game designer or programmer you will have variety of job sets to choose from.

You might be really concerned about what the above three do. Well let’s take a quick glance on their roles.

Game Designer

He is responsible for creating a detailed designs and blueprint document. He comprises all the important aspects as in game design, game play, interface and various others. Updates the design documents, follows the basic build of the design and incorporates the tester feedback too in the design document. He should be proficient in creativity, close knowledge of the gaming industry and good skills in structuring and collaboration of designs. The designer also includes other roles as in level designer, mechanic designer, lead designer and writer.

Game Programmer

Career in Game Design and DevelopmentProgramming is the most tedious and time taking task. It comes as most frequent job openings. Seeing the same many aspirants and students are taking up the course seriously as there is ease of finding a job in the industry.

Many entry level jobs require programmers for handling small things and it can be golden opportunity to break in to the gaming world. To be a gaming programmer aspirant should have a degree in computer science, physics and 3D mathematics. Common roles of the game programmer include junior programmer, engineer programmer, physics programmer, AI programmer, network Programmer, lead programmers.

Game Artist

Artists find remarkable opportunities boasting huge creative freedom and work on both 2D and 3D. They are responsible for creating highly polished art pieces for promoting the game. The roles and responsibilities shouldered by the game artist comprises almost one-third of the work of the entire game development team. Proficiency in 2D and 3D is close to mandatory. Game art also comprises work of concept artist, modeler, environment artist, texture artist, animator, cinematic artist, UI artist and art director. Many big organizations have a full-fledged team comprising all independently managing their tasks in contradiction to small ones where few share the roles.

Why to become a game designer and developer?

You stay abreast of the dynamic industry: -  

Nothing remains stagnate and the ideal holds true with the gaming world too. The industry undergoes various changes. As the demands of the gamer’s changes with time, the designers have to come up with something new. Therefore the industry keeps the developers on the toes. The challenges to furnish something out of the box, keeps them motivated. And hence the industry sees no stagnation.

Competitive Salaries: - 

First thing an aspirant may look while taking up a job is the salary package offered. Game design and development jobs offer high salaries to the aspirants.  Better promotion and respectable job profiles are accessible.

Various job opportunities:-

Game designing and developer aspirants have plenty of opportunities before them. From big brands to smaller ones, many companies have entered in to the animation and gaming world, so it provides various opportunities to the aspirants.

Work with proficient people around and learn more:-

Working and learning goes hand in hand. You find better job opportunities and a healthier environment to boost your creativity. Cross functional platform provides more learning ambiance and helps you learn more about other’s profile. While working closely with other gaming department teams you stay abreast of latest tools and techniques. So work for play and learn more and more.

Leading Institutes

Various institutes are offering game designing and development course. Keen aspirants can find the requisite educational platform with reputed colleges in India mentioned below.

·        Asian Institute of Gaming and Animation, Bangalore

·        ZEE Institute of Creative Art, Chandigarh

·        Image College of Art, Animation and Technology, Hyderabad
·        Picasso Animation, Hyderabad

·        Megatron Animation Academy, Pune

·        Color Design India Education Center, Delhi

·        TUFF Academy of Animation, Indore

Opportunities as a game designers are profuse in the country and across. Multi career path are available to access. So give a kick start to your career and flex your creative muscles.


15 Valuable Photoshop Shortcuts to Know

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15 Valuable Photoshop Shortcuts to KnowIf you spend so much time working on Photoshop, you should definitely try to learn a few shortcut commands to make it a lot easier to handle different tasks. These shortcuts keep you from changing the position of your mouse cursor and allow you save a lot of your time in the process. Here is a list of some useful shortcuts – you can also use some of them on your web browser.

1 - Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K

This is probably the most important tool to help you learn everything about different keyboard commands.

2 - Ctrl + Z (Undo)

You can use this function in most of the Windows programs and software. Most people are already aware of this command and have already used it with different programs. You can also use it when working in Microsoft Photoshop. For those who don't know, this command will undo the very last move you made. This command is quite useful, especially when you are working on images.

3 - Ctrl + 0 (zero) (Fit on Screen)

If you are working on a image and need to pay attention to small details, you should remember this particular command, as it keeps you from using the 'zoom-in' function time and again. Just press this command and the image will fit onto the screen for better viewing experience.

4 - B (Brush Tool)

When working with different images, you will have to use several tools repeatedly. To save your time, you can simply use this command and it will activate the 'brush' tool.

5 - Z (Zoom Tool)

While editing images, you sometimes need to see the bigger version of an image, and that's when you have to use the 'Zoom' tool. To avoid wasting your time looking for the tool, you can simply use this command, which will help you to zoom our or zoom in of your images. You can also press the Alt key while using this command to zoom out quickly.

6 - H (Hand Tool)

Many Photoshop users sometimes need to pan quickly, and for this, they have to look for the hand tool in the menu. You can save your time simply by using this particular shortcut, which allows you to activate the hand tool that you can use to move an object/image, even if you have zoomed in on it. It is also possible to move an object around by pressing and holding onto the Ctrl key.

7 - 1->0 (Tool Opacity)

For some, this shortcut command may be a bit tricky; for others, it's quite useful and they simply cannot do without it. With this command, you can set your brush opacity to a specific number. For instance, if you type in "100", this will set the opacity to 100%. You can reduce it by entering a different number – it will be set to 55% if you enter the number 56. It is also possible to set a smaller percentage for which you need to enter a zero before the number.

8 - Shift + 1->0 (Tool Flow)

You can use this command to change the tool flow. The important thing to remember is that it is not enough to just press the shift key once – you have to press and hold it, and, at the same time, press any number between one and zero. If you understand the idea behind the command used for the tool opacity function, it will be easier to learn this one too.

9 - Tab (Hide/Show Palettes)

This one is the all-time favorite of editors, as it helps them to create more space to work. By using this command, you can simply hide the palettes, which will leave you with more space and less frustration.

10 - Ctrl + Shift + N (New Layer)

When working with layers, it often feels frustrating to leave the first layer and then look for the options to add another one. Instead, you can simple use this shortcut command and you will have a new layer dialog box appearing on your screen. This layer will find a place on top of your active layer.

11 - Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N (New Layer No Dialog)

If you don't want a dialog box to appear at the time of adding a new layer, you can simply use this shortcut command.

12 - Shift + ] (Increase Brush Softness)

Sometimes, you have to increase the softness of your brush, and this often takes some time to locate the right option. With this shortcut command, you can increase the brush softness by 25%. For more softness, you can keep pressing the button. It is a simple way of identifying the best brush softness for your project.

13 - Shift + [ (Decrease Brush Softness)

If you think the brush softness is on the higher side, you can decrease it simply by using this shortcut command. You will be able to reduce the softness by 25% by pressing the button once.

14 - ] (Increase Brush Size)

Fifteen Valuable Photoshop Shortcuts to KnowIf you are editing, it sometimes becomes important to remember the position of your mouse cursor. But it is obvious to lose your original position if you have to move your mouse to change the brush size. The simple solution is to use this shortcut command, which will change the brush size without changing the position of your mouse pointer.

15 - [ (Decrease Brush Size)

If the brush size is too big to be suitable for your project, simply enter this shortcut command on your keyboard to reduce it. This command allows you to change the size of the brush while keeping it in the same position.