How To Set Up Your Own Virtual Machine in an Hour

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How To Set Up Your Own Virtual Machine in an Hour
Oftentimes people find themselves in need of operating their machine in a different way other than that which it operates at its default state. A virtual machine is the best deal in this case, which is real or abstract and which operates inside and using the operating systems of a real physical machine. It is important to be able to configure the physical machine so as to get the virtual machine that one wants. The following are some of the steps that one will find very useful when it comes to wanting to set up your own virtual machine in an hour.

Steps to follow

1. Right Software

The first thing that one will need to do is to ensure that they have the right operating software to support a virtual machine. Basically, the virtual machine is a software that is installed in the computer and which is meant to be supported by the operating system of the physical computer. Upon verifying the compatibility of the application with the operating system, then it is time to download the application and installing it. It is this first step that is very important when it comes learning the easy steps to Set Up your own virtual machine in an hour.

2. Reboot Computer

The second step will be to reboot the computer and start working on the newly installed virtual machine. A person is required to go to the programs of the computer and select the virtual machine so that they can start navigating through and using it. Some of the tasks that a person will need to perform then include the naming of the installed machine, specifying the location of preferred storage location and select the amount of RAM that will be used by the virtual machine.

3. Create a virtual hard disk

The other important step to follow in the set up your own virtual machine in an hour is to create a virtual hard disk. This is important because it is the hard disk that will be used to install the operating system of the virtual machine. One can either choose the dynamically expandable hard disk or that which simply exists in the virtual machine. The next thing should be setting the location of the virtual hard drive and naming it. This will ultimately set the virtual machine almost independent of the real physical machine. Although different operating systems and different virtual might take a detour from the above described procedure, it is slight.

4. Install the operating system

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The last step in setting up the virtual machine is the installing of the operating system. One will need to go back to the programs icon and start the process all over again although this will definitely take a much shorter time that the previous steps. A person can use the DVD drive to install the or just use the ISO image on the virtual machine.

It is after these processes that one can say that they have successfully installed their virtual machine. To set up your own virtual machine in an hour is that simple and does not really require the calling in of an expert. One saves time, money and also gets to experience some technical knowledge.


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