On-hold Machines can increase your business

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On-hold Machines can increase your business
Music or message on-hold (MOH) is a common practice for modern business organizations. If used tactfully on-hold machines can be a cost effective way to increase your sales. It can play the role of a sales person without training and salary and other benefits. Here is an excerpt of how small business can benefit out of (MOH).

Music On-Hold (MOH) or playing music to the callers put on hold is a common business practice in use these days. Most customer service organizations use music on hold machines to fill up the silence when they place their callers on hold. MOH is alternatively called “message on hold”, “phone on hold” or “on hold messaging”. However, if used innovatively music on hold machines can be a great way to impress your customers while ensuring stronger customer relationship.

As a service provider how can you benefit using music on hold machines?

Do you simply play music or a radio station when you put your customers or prospective customers on hold during a call? Don’t you think by playing an irrelevant music track you are wasting valuable time when a customer or prospect have called you for enquiry?  By installing on-hold messaging system you can promote your business and increase sales. Instead of playing a plain recorded music you can utilize the time by informing your customers about the current offers and development of your business.

Your music on-hold machine can play the role of a sales person

On-hold MachinesWith a high-end on-hold marketing machine professionally programmed and customized you can notify your callers about special discounts, latest offers and development of your business. Your on hold machine can play the role of a sales professional for whom you need not provide any training, salary and perks or any other benefit. This programmed sales person never asks for incentive but gives perfect presentation every time it attends your customers. Isn’t it cost effective?

Benefits of Implementing On-Hold Marketing Systems

With an on-hold messaging machine you can do the following -
·         Cross promotion of all products and services that your company offers

·         Branding and enhancing your company’s reputation

·         Informing clients/ customers/ prospects about your online presence and motivate them to visit your websites

·         Advertising you new product lines and special offers

·         Telling you customers where your service/products excel from that of your competitors

·     Relating your customers with your company’s mission and vision and the level of expertise and experience of your employees

Some Important facts

1.  When a call comes in if handled tactfully it can ensure conversion to sale. Unfortunately, 94% of promotional budget is spent to make the customers call the company while a mere 6% is allocated to handle the incoming calls.

2.      Most callers hang up when placed on hold. The study and research reveals that on-hold messaging helps to reduce call rejection by nearly 90% while increasing the “hold time” to a great extent.

3.     Majority of callers (almost 88%) prefer on-hold music or messages. Marketing surveys show that almost 20% of callers make purchases after listening to an offer when they were placed on hold.

How Music on-hold Equipment Works

There are two types of onhold machines available in the market. Machines which are compatible with business telephones with PBX/KSU systems and machines compatible with regular telephone sets used at home or office. MOH system is connected to a telephone set through an audio jack on the phone. Music or message on-hold are played either via physical media like CDs or virtual media like Radio stations.  


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