Scala Rider G9: Amazing GPS for Riders

Posted by Bhavesh Joshi On Wednesday, January 23, 2013 0 comments
Scala Rider G9: Amazing GPS for Riders
Cardio system Inc. introduced an amazing Bluetooth communication device Scala Rider G9 for motorcycle riders. G9 gave a new wave to the communication. It has stunning inbuilt features and functionalities with a user friendly interface which makes it a must have tech gadget for bike riders. This latest device provides entertainment, social chatting and safe riding experience. Wow, features in G9 include “One+8” intercom pairing, conference, voice recognition, group signalling etc. Here is the list of amazing features in Scala rider G9

1.   One+8 pairing: The name itself indicates that G9 supports pairing with eight different riders. Using this advanced tech gadget, you can communicate with eight other co-riders simultaneously. In full duplex mode, you can interact with various riders and outsiders.  This device allows 4-way conference mode. This is the most powerful device from Cardio systems compared to its predecessors G8, G7 and G6. G9 has fulfilled every riders wish by extending its connectivity.

2.   Voice recognition: You can control communication among eight different riders using voice recognition technology. Select a name for your device. Using web management system it will program your settings to the intercom. Just tell the name of the rider whom you want to interact with. G9 recognises your voice command and provides instant connection to another rider.

3.   Group signalling: Through this feature, you can instantly send signals to other intercom devices. For example, if there is any danger, through group signalling you can alert other riders instantly. G9 brought a new pattern for motorcycle communication.

4.  Social Network: Using web based application; you can control your G9 device functionalities. It enables you to create a social hub where you can make groups, invite riders or can plan your rides. It can even connect your profile with social networking sites where you can find various riders to make your trip more fun.

5.   Flash pairing: Instant flash pairing is possible with the G9, just hold two intercom devices. The devices will get paired instantly within a fraction of seconds using a flash technology. You can even pair 8 devices for managing a communication group.

6.  A2DP and MP3: G9 is a great entertainment device. You can connect it to A2DP Smartphones and MP3 player to stream music. It is inbuilt with FM radio. You can auto scan the stations and can enjoy listening to music without actually setting frequencies.

7.  Click to link: This is the amazing feature which was first introduced in G9. The intelligent G9 device will inform you about nearby rider. With a single click you can pair intercom and can start communicating with new riders.

8.   Mobile conference: In full duplex mode, you can interact with mobile user, rider and passenger. G9 is compatible with different mobile devices like iPhone, Samsung etc.

9.  Priority management: G9 automatically does priority management. For instance, there is no need to disconnect the device to answer the call while listening to music.

10.  Speakers and microphone: G9 offers quality sound with improved speakers. It is inbuilt with boom and wire mic. The device produces quality sound eliminating noise.

11.   Mounting: Scala rider G9 has two different mounting options. Clip mount will fix the shells of helmets while stick-on mount supports other helmet types.


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