The Coolest 10 Apps You Must Not Miss For Your Windows 8 Device

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The Coolest 10 Apps You Must Not Miss For Your Windows 8 Device
Windows 8 is the latest technological treat from Microsoft. There are numerous features, which make this operating system more interesting than its predecessors. The most exciting and latest amongst all the features, is the latest collection of Metro-style apps. These apps are designed specially for Windows 8 devices. They can be even tagged as gifts of technology

The collection of apps is really vast and it includes great apps for lifestyle, entertainment, social media, news and games. These apps have already been a huge hit with Windows 8 users.

Here goes the list of 10 most exciting apps designed for Windows 8. Check out to pick your favorites:

1.  Creative Fresh Paint: Microsoft Corp has launched this great app for people who love creativity. This is obviously an exclusive and realistic painting app. This app is perfectly suitable for all age groups. From kids to elders, everyone can use this app easily and enjoy creativity through painting. In this app you get huge range of useful brushes, color picker, various types of canvas, paper and realistic brushes. All of these features make Fresh Paint a fun app for creative creatures.

Creative Fresh Paint App in Windows 8

2.  The advanced Xbox Smart Glass: This is the upgraded version of Xbox Companion app. This app helps you to connect your Windows 8 devices like Windows tablet and Windows phone with Xbox 360. Through this app you can use the screen of your Windows 8 device to control the contents of Xbox 360 and Xbox music. The technology of this app is smart and swift enough to sweep you off your feet.

The advanced Xbox Smart Glass app in windows 8

3.  Trendy Tweetro: Everyone loves to stay connected through social networking. There is an interesting app for social networking too. Tweetro makes your social networking experience exciting. This is a widely appreciated app for Windows 8. Through this app you can view your profile’s timeline, the shared pictures, personal stream and other customized feeds. Now you can always stay connected with your friends and check out the updates instantly.

Trendy Tweetro App in Windows 8

4.  Awesome USA Today: Now you’ll never miss out the latest news as it has become easier to remain updated with this useful app named USA Today. This app covers the recent news of America and presents them in easily accessible nuggets of information. You may even go through pictures regarding news articles. This app is easy to access and accurately informative. Now you may access the news of America anytime and anywhere you desire on your Windows 8 device.

Awesome USA Today App in Windows 8

5.  The entertaining Vimeo: Vimeo is very popular for video sharing and it has millions of users around the world. So, if you’re also a die-hard Vimeo follower, then you must not miss out this entertaining app. This app comes up with intuitive search functions. You can upload videos instantly, watch what others are sharing and share your video links with other apps. The video sharing process isn’t complex and it doesn’t take much time either. This app is just amazing for a smooth and sleek Metro user experience.

The entertaining Vimeo app in Windows 8

6.  Cool cocktail flow: If you love to experiment with drink preparations, then cocktail flow is just the perfect app for you. In fact this app works as the personal bartending assistant for you. A huge range of recipes of cocktails can be found in this app. The collection of recipes is quite impressive as you can find a variety of drinks in it. Now unique recipes of various cocktails are just a click away.

Cool cocktail flow app in windows 8

7.  The unique iCookbook: If you love food and look out for new recipes to try out, then here is great news for you. iCookbook is an unique and useful app for Windows 8. This is the first recipe and cooking app designed for Windows 8. This app provides you with a perfect cooking guide, which includes more than 2000 recipes. Necessary instructions and pictures are available there. So, this app is not only good for experts, but beginners also can take advantage of it.

iCookbook App in Windows 8

8.  Great Grantophone: Music lovers are bound to admire this exclusive app. You may have seen various music apps before, but Grantophone really stands out. This is an amazing and enjoyable music software. It’s quite easy to use this software. This powerful software makes it easy for you to create various tunes. There are four waveforms to choose from. You can use a nonstandard 4-octave keyboard. All of these provide you with overwhelming creative experience.

Great Grantophone App in Windows 8

9.  The famous Angry Birds Space: The most famous mobile game Angry Birds will now be elevated to space. The popular Angry Birds is now teaming up with Star Wars. So you get brand new characters and various new tactics to enjoy the game. The standard and levels of the game have also been designed differently. You also get regular updates, unique superpowers and new set of birds. If you’re a game lover, then you must not miss out this exciting app.

Angry Birds Space App in Windows 8

10.  Fitness with Fitball: Health is wealth. This is a well known fact. Here is another useful app that helps you to maintain your fitness. It’s the Fitball app. This app creates a virtually augmented reality using your webcam. In that reality set up, you only need to hit balls on the screen. Your motion and “heat map” is tracked accurately through this app. This effective app helps you to loose extra pounds by using advanced technology.

Fitball App in Windows 8

These are the top 10 apps for Windows 8. Better technology has made these apps so unique and admired. The 10 apps described above offer you various benefits. You can learn recipes, create pictures, design tunes, take care of your health and enjoy your leisure. These apps even encourage your creativity. Not only these, but there are various other apps too. In fact, the list is long enough. There are many more interesting gaming apps, OneNote MX, Slacker radio and Comics apps to look out for. These apps can be downloaded easily and they work great for Windows 8 devices. So, just download these apps without wasting any time and live your life Metro-style.

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