Top 20 Best iOS And Android Apps of 2018

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In this New Year, 2018, number of applications, games and widgets have been launched for both iOS and android users. With the latest iphone, ipad devices you can play almost all the games and can utilize latest apps to very extents. Among the hundreds of thousands of apps present in the android play store and apple app store; we bring you the best and top 20 apps in android platform and iOS platform that are compatible on iphone, ipad, android phones and tablets.  The list of apps here are the top 10 apps of android devices and top 10 apps of iOS devices like iphone and ipad. All these apps are based on the user rating and all released after Christmas. The top 10 games in each platform include apps, games, in every category like music, work, entertainment, health and fitness and news.

Top 10 best iOS apps of 2013:

Top 10 best iOS apps of 2013
1.       Google maps: the” Google maps” is the best and top 1 app in the iphone. The Google maps app turns your phone into number 1 navigator system, when you are lost. New voice assisted system on turn by turn direction. Information about the restraints, public places, movie theatres, clubs, live traffic, local searches, public transits, cafes and 360 degrees panoramic views can be seen on Google maps app. The Google maps app took the mapping application to a new level. With these ultimate features, the Google maps achieved top one priority among all the ios apps. If you haven’t tried this app then try it even if you know the roads and directions.

Google maps app for iOS

2.      Hundreds: hundreds is an ios app which is compatible with iphone and ipad and iPod touch. This app can be used by all age groups from 2 to 100 years and more. This app is a puzzle game that tickles your mind. In this game you have to grow 100 points between each circle and if the circle goes red and collides with other, then your game is over. As simple as it sounds, this game is quite tricky and keeps you attached to your seats. It is a very interesting puzzle game. Over 100 unique puzzles are there in this game for you to try. This app costs $4.99.

Hundreds iOS app

3.      Facebook poke: it is recent app and has become very famous. Compatible with all ios running devices, this social networking app comes in different languages like English, French, Chinese, and German, Portuguese etc. this is a free app and is released on 21 dec of 2012. You can poke your friends just for fun or to say hello. With this Facebook poke option not only you can just poke your friend but also you can poke a friend with a photo or message or a video.

Facebook poke app for iOS

4.      Antiques roadshow play along: this is a free app. Launched by media applications technologies ltd in entertainment category, this app takes fourth place in best games of 2013. Discover your antiquity personality by following the BBC’s antique’s roadshow program and playing along with the program with this app. All you have to do is guess the worth of the items showed on the show before they actually show the price. While playing this game make sure there is nothing between the microphone and the TV screen and keep your TV volume on. This app is compatible on all ios running devices like ipad and iphone.

Antiques roadshow play along app for iOS

5.      Wordament: Wordament is another free app released by Microsoft which came to the app store on 21 dec of 2012 under the games category. This is a classic game and is addictive. It is a two minute long word game in which you have the option of playing live with the opponents. Each time a board of two and three letter tiles is showed to you. Try to find most words in the board or you can choose bonus points by finding longer words. How you want to play this game is completely in your hands. The rating of this app is 4 plus.

Wordament app for iOS

6.      Rastamouse ride da riddim: this app is designed for both ipad and iphone released on Jan 3 of 2013 by DHX media ltd. This game is a skateboarding game for kids. There are two mice in the game named as da likkle and bandulu who ran out of cheese. You have to help the team to get as many cheese slices they can get without falling off the skateboard. Once you fall off the skateboard you lost your game. This is a fun game and children will love it. this app is priced at £1.49

Rastamouse ride da riddim app for iOS

7.      Hg2 | a hedonist’s guide to: this app was released by filmer ltd on 9th January 2013. This app is a guide to a city displaying you the best options in restaurants, hotels, shops, spas, bars, clubs, cafes, sites to see. The writer of the app personally visited all the places and gave his insight on these places. There are many cities in the app and once you download a city, the travel content will stay in your device to check offline. This app is absolutely free to try.

Hg2 | a hedonist’s guide to app for iOS

8.     Men’s fitness UK: men’s fitness magazine is released by Dennis publishing ltd.  This app was released on January 9th 2013 under fitness and health category. This is a fully interactive app with features like work outs, social features, and bookmarking the individual articles you like to make it easy to refer back in future. This app is totally free to use.

Men’s fitness UK app for iOS
9.      Pump up: this app was released by PumpUp Inc on 17th January 2013. This is another app under health and fitness category which helps you to keep fit and healthy. You can build your personalized workouts using this app. With the help of this app you can follow your plan, improve every time, and maximize your potential. This is also a free app with 4 plus rating in the app store and is compatible with only iphone.

Pump up app for iOS

10.   Creativium – paper theatre: released by innova co. s.a.r.l. on 3rd January of 2013 under games category. This is an interactive game for kids. It is an interactive paper like theatre that lets your children creates fairytale scenes on virtual paper sets. You are given with 40 animations, 10 funny characters and 25 decorations. Mix them and create a story for your kids. This app is very simple to use and kids will love it absolutely. Priced at 0.69 Euros, this app is compatible with ipad.

Creativium – paper theatre app for iOS

Top 10 best android apps of 2013:

Top 10 best android apps of 2013

1.    Antiques roadshow play along: this is a free app. Launched by media applications technologies ltd in entertainment category, this app takes fourth place in best games of 2013. Discover your antiquity personality by following the BBC’s antique’s roadshow program and playing along with the program with this app. All you have to do is guess the worth of the items showed on the show before they actually show the price. While playing this game make sure there is nothing between the microphone and the TV screen and keep your TV volume on. This app is compatible on all android devices.

Antiques roadshow app for android

2.      Zombies run! 5k: this app comes under the category of health and fitness in play store. The main aim of this app is to teach you the basics involved in letting you run 5km. the app includes the exercise, work outs, stretching, running, jogging to build up your stamina with 25 workouts. Using this app will encourage you and build up the confidence in you to run and keep yourself fit and healthy. This app is priced at 0.69 Euros and is related from the creators of zombies run on 3rd of January, 2013.

Zombies run! 5k app for android
3.      Pitfall! : This is a free app launched by activision publishing inc. this app is an inspiration taken from the hit game of 1982 classic pitfall. In this game you have to escape the volcano by collecting precious gems. This is the most popular game at present and is very addictive giving ts players a total adrenaline rush while playing. The animations include jungles, caves, native villages, volcanic flames and death traps. This game was released on 21 of December in 2012. The rating for this game is 4 plus out of 5.

Pitfall! app for android

4.      Facebook pages manager: Facebook pages manager developed by Facebook for android users allows the users to manage their Facebook pages and keep them connected to their fans. With this app you can post new updates, photos and you can comment on your updates and photos. View and reply to private messages and receive notifications on what’s happening in your page. This is a free app and is released on 9th of January .

Facebook pages manager app for android

5.      Sing karaoke: play store presents you the latest music app exclusive for nexus 7 and nexus 10. This app is going to be launched for all android phones in the future. Smule developed this app to let users sing their favorite songs and let their family and friends hear. All hottest hits of all artists are there in the app. Apart from that latest music hits and artists songs are added daily. With the voice enhancement technology in the app, you can sing beautifully and can get compliments from all around the world. You can share your songs with Facebook, email, Google plus and twitter. This is a free app and is a hot favorite. You can purchase premium songs in this app.

Sing karaoke app for android

6.      Daily mail online tablet: developed and launched by daily mail online, this app is used for tablets running android. Released on 15th of January in 2013, the app allows its users to read great content on daily mail online. Wherever you are, you can stay updated with all the news, gossips, sport, health and everything else that is published on daily mail. You can read the mail at your convenient time in online. This is a great app to save paper and its free app. You can easily navigate and the content is loaded fast with pictures and you can also share it with friends and comment on the news. This app turns your tablet into an interactive social magazine.

Daily mail online tablet app for android

7.    Zime beta – to do + calendar: zime is a free app to organize your things. It is an organizer that helps you in daily works and at office. Plan your time with this app. This app synchronizes with all types of calendars and schedules your tasks and meetings. You can also set future tasks and set deadlines to get reminders. The app is supportable on devices running android 4 and higher. It features the things done by calendars and to do lists. Having this single app is enough and will save you time and space on your phone. This app released by mobisysteme on Jan 13th of 2013 and the ratings of the app is 4 plus out of 5.

Zime beta – to do + calendar app for android

8.        Final fantasy II: publisher of games, square enix co ltd developed and launched this game in play store on dec 21st of 2012. This is the follow up of the 1988 Japan game. The game is a beautiful tale of four heroes who are orphans. The war is between the hostile empire of palamecia and rebel resistance. This edition also contains bonus dungeons. This game is very addictive and entertains people of all ages. The app is priced at 6 dollars and is compatible with all android devices like tablets and phones.

Final fantasy II app for android

9.      Final fantasy dimensions: final fantasy dimensions is developed and launched by square enix co ltd. This game is priced at 13.99 Euros and is released on January 19th 2013. The app has great graphics and sounds. The features of the game include the 2-D pixel art, a classic story of light and darkness and crystals.  A battle system that has job changed character with growth and ability combinations. This app is compatible with all android devices like smartphones and tablets.

Final fantasy dimensions app for android

10.  Gympact – reward your work art: the gym pact is a play store app under the category of fitness and health. This app is a new fitness app promising all the users to reduce their fat at belly and bottoms. It is available on iphone for a while but now it made its way to android. This is a US based app that tracks your workouts. This app rewards your work with actual money if you keep up with your plan. Users succeed in 86% of the workouts they committed to do. This app is compatible with all android devices like phones, tablets and notepads. 

Gympact app for Android


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