What are the top selling Plantronics Wireless Office Headsets

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The best Plantronics wireless office headsets is collected with a lot of research by using each of the products by trial and trying to notice the differences between each and of course understanding users experience that might include praises or complaints. We have compiled a list of products that receive high praises and ratings. This is in no way shape or form means that these are the only wireless office headsets that we would recommend but we had to narrow the list down to some of our favorites.

CS540 Wireless Headset from Plantronics
First off is the CS540 Wireless Headset from Plantronics. It features a new design that implements dependability and performance. It is one the lightest headsets in the marketplace today by only weighing 21 grams. It also has an excellent battery life and gives you up to 350 feet of range to roam around in the office. You can choose from over the head or the over the ear wearing adjustments. The volume controls are right at your fingertips so you don’t have to struggle searching around or even taking off your headset to find the buttons. You can experience 7 hours of talk time with advanced noise cancelling technologies.

CS50 Wireless Headset from Plantronics
Second is the CS50 Wireless Headset from Plantronics. It brings excellent sound quality for hands free conversations. It gives you up to 8 hours of talk time and will allow you to walk up to 300 feet away. It connects to most single or multi-line phones. You can purchase an optional HL10 handset that allows for remote answering.

Third is the W740 Wireless Headset that offers three way connectivity between the PC, desk phone and mobile phone. This system will automatically update your status on all three devices so it will help notify your coworkers with ease. It is the lightest DECT wireless headset and weighs in at 21 grams. It includes an advanced wideband audio using CAT-iq and helps influence crisp and clear sounds.

W740 Wireless Headset

W710 Wireless Office Headset from PlantronicsFourth is the W710 Wireless Office Headset from Plantronics. It offers an energy efficient power system that will optimize the range of the device as well as the talk time. It features an enhanced digital signal processing or DSP which provides a more natural voice tone. You speak up to 9 hours at a time with this device so you never have to worry about your battery dying when you need it the most.

W745 Wireless Office Headset from PlantronicsFifth is the W745 Wireless Office Headset from Plantronics. It comes with a deluxe charging cable and spare battery. It features 3 way connectivity between PC, desk phone and mobile phone. It also has single ear or over the ear headset style. It is optimized for universal communications and helps keep you on the leading edge of communication so you can accomplish more work in the least amount of time.

Thank you for reading this article we hope it was helpful to you in choosing the next Plantronics headset for your needs. Take a look at each of these and other potential wireless headsets all across the web at great prices.


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