What is Google PageRank and How to Increase Google PageRank?

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What is Google PageRank?The term and the concept of PageRank is the sole property of Google. PageRank is nothing, but the “link analysis algorithm” that is used to give a particular numerical value to the sites in order to represent its importance in the World Wide Web. This technology was originally developed by Mr. Larry Page and Mr. Sergey Brin. Google PageRank plays a significant role in determining the authority of a website in the index of Google. This is the most important aspect we should take care of while thinking about the optimization of a site since, it point outs the relativity of our sites to the search engines.

In short, we can define Google PageRank as a specific numerical value that has been allotted for a website which in turn represents its importance on the web, according to Google. It is very much clear that, Google always do the ranking of websites by considering the link popularity of the site or sometimes it depends on the number of inbound links. Unlike Google, some other sites are giving importance to the content of the sites.

It is really interesting that, the discovery of Google PageRank, has created a dramatic change and influence in the field of search engine optimization. While discussing about the PageRank, we should not get confused by the term “TrafficRank”. TrafficRank determines the position of site on a particular search term. 

Higher page ranks are really important. It is advisable to increase the PageRank, as it directly affects the placement of our sites in the search engine optimization. Nowadays, we are having numerous simple steps to increase the page ranking. The most important fact, we should keep in mind is that, Google is giving more focus on “importance”. In order to make Google, which is similar to a library index will identify our website, and decides whether it s ‘important’ or ‘not’. This index is designed in such a way that, it can easily catch the most relevant information on a quicker speed. The more ‘important’ the site is, the more the chances to get the information about the site to get displayed on the relevant search. It is also important to have unique and relevant contents on our site, and a correct way of its channeling to get more incoming links which will improve the PageRank.

How to Increase Google PageRank?
Google always give emphasis on the fact that, by getting important websites to link to us, it will automatically improve the page ranking and ultimately results in the better search engine traffic. Having a highest Google PageRank, is helpful for you to enter into any market. One of the most significant ways to increase the PageRank of a particular site is to make other websites links to our site. And by doing this, it is much easier to make Google convinced about the ‘importance’ of our site.

Some other commonly used ways to increase the page ranking are article submission, Blog submission which means- maintain a blog for the site, Press release submission, Article announcement etc.


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