Tracking And Inspecting Atex Phones

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Introduction to Atex Phones

Tracking And Inspecting Atex PhonesAtex mobile phones are durable and can withstand numerous hazardous conditions, but like any other piece of technology these special phones need to be properly maintained. Proper maintenance goes beyond extending the life of the device; it is vital for any intrinsically safe equipment because of the roles each device plays in ensuring the safety of individuals exposed to hazardous environments. The Atex Guidelines states that one of the main requirements of all Atex equipment is that it is both safe and reliable. It is particularly important to regularly inspect phones because they are a piece of equipment that is taken into nearly every area and are likely to be used frequently. Regular inspections and repairs of this type of equipment are also regulated so that employees are not compromised.

While there are a number of rules and regulations regarding the maintenance of Atex equipment, Atex mobile phones do not have the same constraints as many of the computers and other equipment. One of the best ways to make sure phones are fit for use is to keep consistent tracking and inspections. Here are some basic things that can help speed up inspections and to make sure Atex mobiles continue to work as designed.

Equipment Tracking

All Atex equipment should be tracked, but mobiles can be particularly difficult since they can be used by different people. To make tracking (and inventory) easier, have basic information about each mobile recorded and verified regularly.
  • Employee assigned to the phone
  • If phones stay at the facility, record the phones as they are taken out and brought back
  • Phone number and serial number associated with each phone
  • Record of inspections
  • Time of purchase
  • Record of any upgrades or repairs
  • Record of inspections triggered by updates to the Atex Guidelines
  • Spare parts purchased for the mobile
  • Tracking of inspections for the part, particularly when Atex Guidelines change
  • Certification for the phone
  • Record of what hazard zones the phone is certified for use and which zones the phone is used in 

Types of Inspections

Introduction to Atex Phones
Inspections should be a regular part of the Atex mobile phones. Phones should have at least three types of inspections.
  • An initial inspection after purchase - This inspection makes sure that phones are safe for use, particularly if a phone used. Its certification is for the particular hazard zone in which it will be used.

  • Set periodic inspections - These inspections make sure the mobiles have not been damaged or gotten to worn for service. It can also be used as a way of making sure that all of the parts are within the Atex Guidelines. Older parts may need to be upgraded to comply with new guidance.

  • Inspection following a drop or other accident - This inspection should be done following any event that could potentially compromise the phone. If the phone dropped from a considerable height, was dropped in liquid, or was crushed, it should be inspected for damage. Not all problems may be immediately visible.

Small SEO To Make A Big Difference

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Small SEO To Make A Big Difference
If you want your website to be seen and visited by more people on a daily basis then SEO is the best way to go. Not only does it not cost you anything, unlike other forms of internet marketing, you could also increase your sales no end just by appearing higher up in the search engines results. Search engine optimization is not a new thing but recent changes in the industry mean that now could be the best time to use it to increase your online presence.

With changes last year to Google’s algorithm (how it calculates where a site should appear in the results) more impetus has been put on ethical SEO and this means that the hard working individuals that are going about it the right way will be better rewarded. Some people believe that SEO is a difficult thing to master but although there are many levels, some of which are pretty technical, there are a few small things that anyone business owner can do to optimize their site.

Update Title Tags -  

Title tags are what can be seen at the top of a page on the internet tab and they are basically help to tell the search engine what the website is about. By changing them to include a few industry keywords then it could help you to be found easier for these terms. Just don’t exceed seventy characters otherwise they won’t be fully displayed in the results.

Make Sure All Pages Lead Somewhere – 

In order for the search engines to get a good idea of what your site contains, they will regularly send their robots to scan your site to gauge what the content is about and to see if you have any new links.

The trouble is, if they encounter any website errors such as 404s they will give up and head off without exploring the rest of your site. So that this doesn’t happen, you should regularly check to see that all pages lead to another page and that any pages that are removed are properly redirected.

Be Social – 

You may think that social media sites are only good for keeping in contact with people you hardly know and for attempting to reach your target audience but they are also good for SEO purposes.

Search engines like sites that are regularly active and a good way to do this is to share things via social media. They also know that things that get shared a lot on social media sites are hot topics and information that everyone wants to read and so they will show them higher up in their results.

Re-write Description Tags –  

Description tags are what people will see underneath the title of your webpage in the search engine results and are effectively a short pitch to entice people in. Although these are not taken into account by the ranking algorithm, re-writing them to include persuasive language and important information could lead to more people clicking your site.

Link To Relevant Pages – 

Search Engine Optimization
When building links to your site, which is an integral part of SEO, a lot of people just link to the home page thinking that that’s where visitors will want to land. However, although your home page might be a nice welcoming place for them to start, if it doesn’t display the information they are looking for they will soon press the back button. Instead of this, use the relevant product page as the landing page so that they can find what they are looking for straight away.

If you like the idea of doing some SEO but don’t fully understand it then there are plenty of SEO companies that will be able to help. It can sometimes be a long process but the benefit you will see from sustained good results will help to propel your business forward in today’s tough environment.

DMI Technology Takes Property Listing Translations To A New High

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U.S. Company adapts translation tool for real estate

DMI Technology
Countries that do not have English as their first languages are finding it easier to access amenities and offerings in the English market as companies such as Yamli move to eliminate the language divide in the world of technology. Translations are now expanding into audio-visual demonstrations available in eight different languages.

Pilot Program

An estate agency in Australia has seen an increase in Asian and Chinese buyers, and the interest from the East has prompted the Melbourne agents to sign up for a online translations service which is designed to transliterate estate listings into Chinese, Mandarin, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, and English.

US-based firm DMI (Digital Motorworks) are a technology company providing the translations platform. Originally used in the United States by a multitude of car dealers, DMI adapted the technology for property listings. The Melbourne agency is the first property company to utilise the service, which is also more than simple online translations.

Once a company has downloaded their content and images onto their site, the translations function takes all the editorials and visuals, combining them to create a virtual video presentation. Language translations on this service caters for the almost 12% Wheelers Hill residents who are Chinese born. Chinese is the third largest demographic, just behind English Australians. Wheelers Hill, a small area in Australia, has large residency of Italian and Greeks, which makes online translations essential in the property market.

DMI are currently adding more languages to the account, which will include Sudanese and Vietnamese. The portal will go live in a month and charge a flat rate between $200 and $250. The charge depends on how many listings need to be translated. This service will be available for sale and rental properties.

Peter Daicos, the DMI driving force behind the translation portal, believes this new tool will enhance communications for overseas and local sellers and buyers. It will open a door that has been firmly shut due to the language divide, and it takes the estate market to a completely new marketing level.

DMI Technology GroupNot only does the DMI technology take all editorial and image content and translate them, but it also serves as a great source of information in understanding consumerism and what drives the trends and behaviours. This is all based on the average times a translated video is played by interested parties. The properties listed on the several real estate sites which can by synced with the translations tool, can also by synced with YouTube, which is the leading video site in the world.

This tool is aimed at property listings and more agents are jumping on board to be a part of the growing trend. It won’t be long before translations move to mobile telephones and live conversations.

How To Avoid Breaking The Bank On Printer Ink

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How To Avoid Breaking The Bank On Printer Ink
After buying your new HP printer, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is what type of replacement toner cartridges you will be using. You can either buy new OEM HP LaserJet toner, remanufactured cartridges or generic toner cartridges that are compatible with your printer. Whether you are a small or big business owner, you will definitely have to use numerous cartridges before the year's end. New original HP cartridges are very expensive and can put a significant financial strain on your business.

Fortunately, the market is full of refurbished/remanufactured HP LaserJet toner cartridges that will serve you as well as new cartridges, but at a significantly lower cost. Refurbished or re-manufactured toner cartridges are OEM cartridges that have been repaired, refilled and tested. All their damaged or worn out parts are replaced before being filled with new OEM ink. Refurbished HP cartridges are significantly cheaper than new OEM cartridges but slightly more expensive that generic compatibles.

Apart from the financial gain, you will also be playing a part in reducing the environmental impact of empty cartridges that would otherwise have been discarded into landfills. There is a common misconception that refurbished HP toner cartridges produce low quality prints. Nothing could be farther from the truth; reputable dealers will only supply you with refurbished cartridges that meet all the standards of the OEM cartridge. There is no noticeable difference in print quality. They also last as long as HP cartridges.

You can also opt to use generic HP LaserJet toner cartridges that are compatible with your HP printer. The biggest advantage of doing this is that these cartridges are a good deal cheaper than both original HP printer cartridges and remanufacturers ones. You should however ensure that the cartridge is compatible with your printer before making the purchase. A quick internet search using your printer model number will yield dozens of generic cartridges that can be used with your printer.

Another plus to using generic ink and toner is the wide array of choices you will have at your disposal. With OEM cartridges, you may sometimes find it hard to find cartridges that are compatible with your printers. Generics on the other hand are compatible with a large number of printers and this should play to your advantage.

Awhile back, the only drawback to using generic compatible cartridges was that the print quality was a little lower that with OEM and refurbished cartridges. This is because HP has patented its ink making it impossible for the manufacturers of generic cartridges to use it. However, generic cartridge makers have now come up with high quality ink that will produce prints of the same quality as OEM cartridges at a fraction of their cost. These companies do not spent as much money in advertising as HP and hence pass on these savings to consumers.

If you are looking to cut printing costs at your office, then you need to abandon the concept of brand loyalty. When it comes to HP LaserJet toner cartridges, refurbished and generics will are just as good as the OEM products.

5 Things To Watch For In The Event App Industry In 2018

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5 Things To Watch For In The Event App Industry In 2013

Things to Watch for in the Event App Industry in 2018

Have you noticed the recent explosion in event apps? There is now a huge demand for ways for people to go from online to offline. From Yelp to Eventbrite to Meetup, many people are relying on their phones to discover interesting events and ways to enhance their experience at the event. Here are 5 things to watch for that are currently developing in the event app industry.

1. Building Brand Loyalty

As of 2013, there’s more competition than ever to make sure that your users trust you. There are already established events apps players in the industry, but there’s always room for more niche event apps. For example, an app focused on finding venues for musicians will have a much easier time building a loyal following in the music space. Similarly, tech entrepreneurs will have a different focus for their networking needs, and if your app is the authority, it will be easier to build up the brand loyalty that will keep paying you dividends down the road.

2. Gamifying the Experience

Another trend that is happening is how apps are making the mundane fun. You could reward desired behavior with a points system and encourage new event attendees and consistent attendees with badges and other rewards for recognition. If you make the game fun for users, they will keep coming back again and again.

3. Integrating Monetization

Your users are willing to pay to go to worthwhile events, and naturally if your app consistently helps your users discover great events, you can and should charge. Depending on how many events your app is able to curate and how much your user space is willing to contribute to be in the know about these events, you would be able to charge a percentage off of the event as in the case of Eventbrite.

4. Going Green

One of the top advantages that mobile apps have is that they are good for the Earth. Instead of having to fumble and search for a paper ticket, with a mobile app, you reduce the need to print for your customers and help the environment by eliminating a paper trail. By eliminating paper tickets, you can also speed up the check in process and make your users’ first interaction with your app a seamless and pleasant experience.

5. Increasing Engagement

More so than any other niche in the app industry, event apps serve the need to feel connected. What would be more connected than being updated by something that is constantly with you--your phone? It is important to have regular push notifications and reminders for your users before the event.

There has been an explosion in the mobile app development space, and event apps are no exception. As of 2013, the space is maturing. Many event apps are building brand loyalty, gamifying the experience, integrating monetization, going green, and increasing engagement. Will your app take advantage of these trends?

Four Jobs For Computer Lovers

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Four Jobs For Computer Lovers
Short Description: This blog focuses on four common computer jobs and describes what each job entails.

So you love computers, gadgets, anything with technology and you are looking for a job. Well, you're in luck as there are many, many positions that are all about technology and computer information. But, like most jobs, becoming an information technology professional takes hard work. From school to gaining experience, to more school and even more school, becoming successful to in the field requires much dedication and determination. There is always something to learn when it comes to the IT department and even more to gain. Listed below are four common jobs in the computer industry today.

      1. Electronic and Technological Sales

If you are good with people and know how to sell, then this job is for you. Not only will you be working with products you love, but you will also talk to customers in an effort to get them to buy. This job is for professionals who are passionate about technology and have great social skills. Because it is a sales job, you will make commission, and if you're really good at what you do, then the commission may earn you more money than you thought. 

     2. Computer Networking

This job entails repairing, maintaining and building computer networks for businesses or personal, at-home offices. While this is believed to be a hard job to get, if you have the skills, the schooling and the experience, then you won’t have a problem. Depending on the employer, you could be working with network security or network administration and if that is something that gets you excited, then this might be the perfect job for you. While it may be a hard job to obtain, and the competition might be the best of the best, if you do land a networking position, then your compensation will be very nice.

     3. Computer Security

This is most definitely a growing field. Whether there is a large business, or an individual with a computer, every computer needs a strong security system. There numerous viruses and spyware programs floating around today, and people need a knowledgeable and experienced computer security professional to fix the problem.  This position allows you to not only take pleasure in helping people, but you will learn something new every day. 

     4. Data Integration Specialist

This position entails generating solutions for businesses that need them. As a data integration specialist you may work by yourself or with a team to transform sets of data into insights that can help plan and grow a business.

The computer industry is continually growing with new advancements and job opportunities. While these are only four of the many jobs in industry, they are very rewarding and always in demand.