4 eBook-Related Chrome Extensions You Can't Miss

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4 eBook-Related Chrome Extensions You Can't Miss
Web browser is becoming more and more capable and looks like it is going to replace the operating system. In fact Firefox has already launched their own operating system, FireFox OS. As a writer focus on eBooks and eReaders, here I am gonna recommend you some wonderful extensions on Chrome which helps you reading eBooks more freely.

1.   dotEPUB

This extension is able to convert a web page to ePub within just one click. After adding this extension to your Chrome you will see a green button in the extension bar. When you find a web page contains many useful information and you want to make it an ePub eBook to back it up and read it on your eReader, just click the green button then wait for seconds, this page will be converted to an .ePub file.

And notice: The converted ePub file only contains the texts, no links, no images, no videos. So if you find a beautiful designed page and want to back it up, this extension cannot help you.

Here is the converted file from a web page, I have to say it is pretty nice for texts. (Reading in Adobe Digital Editions)

dotEPUB ebook Chrome Extension

2.   rollApp File Opener

This extension lets you view and edit doc, ppt, xls, pdf, epub, zip, rar and about 100 other types of files directly in your browser. I have been seeking a Chrome extension to open .ePub file for a long time, this is the first I find. And for PDF file, Chrome has a built-in reader for it, you can open PDF without any additional extension.

At first I thought I can just drag an ePub file into the browser then I can view it, but I was wrong. It only supports the file on internet, but not the file in local drive.

rollApp File Opener ebook Chrome Extension

From the image you can see that when you point to a link on a web page, there will be two options: open and download. If you click download, you will download the file with Chrome’s default downloader, here we choose open.

Once you click open, the extension will ask you to login with some accounts like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Then wait for about 10 seconds, the ePub file will be opened in a pop-up window like the image below.

rollApp File Opener ebook Chrome Extension

3.   Mantano Capture

This is the official extension made by Mantano eReader App, Mantano is thought as the best reading app on Android since Stanza stopped upgrading. And with this extension, you can easily save the ePub or PDF file which is opened on your Chrome to Mantano Cloud.

Although this extension is free to use, but to use the cloud service you should buy the full version of Mantano costs you around $7. However, it is absolutely worth the money.

Mantano Capture ebook Chrome Extension

4.   Push to Kindle

Among several similar extensions, I like this one most for its capability and beautiful interface design. The way to use it is kinda like the dotEPUB, when you are on the web you want to save, click the extension button in the top right-hand bar, then you will be lead to another window asks you to input your Kindle email address then the page will be pushed to your Kindle.

Push to Kindle ebook Chrome Extension

Top Four Best eBook-Related Chrome Extensions
The converted layout is pretty amazing for me, it keeps the pattern as much as possible and all the images will be adjusted to the Kindle size. Pity is the links are gone.


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