5 Things To Watch For In The Event App Industry In 2018

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5 Things To Watch For In The Event App Industry In 2013

Things to Watch for in the Event App Industry in 2018

Have you noticed the recent explosion in event apps? There is now a huge demand for ways for people to go from online to offline. From Yelp to Eventbrite to Meetup, many people are relying on their phones to discover interesting events and ways to enhance their experience at the event. Here are 5 things to watch for that are currently developing in the event app industry.

1. Building Brand Loyalty

As of 2013, there’s more competition than ever to make sure that your users trust you. There are already established events apps players in the industry, but there’s always room for more niche event apps. For example, an app focused on finding venues for musicians will have a much easier time building a loyal following in the music space. Similarly, tech entrepreneurs will have a different focus for their networking needs, and if your app is the authority, it will be easier to build up the brand loyalty that will keep paying you dividends down the road.

2. Gamifying the Experience

Another trend that is happening is how apps are making the mundane fun. You could reward desired behavior with a points system and encourage new event attendees and consistent attendees with badges and other rewards for recognition. If you make the game fun for users, they will keep coming back again and again.

3. Integrating Monetization

Your users are willing to pay to go to worthwhile events, and naturally if your app consistently helps your users discover great events, you can and should charge. Depending on how many events your app is able to curate and how much your user space is willing to contribute to be in the know about these events, you would be able to charge a percentage off of the event as in the case of Eventbrite.

4. Going Green

One of the top advantages that mobile apps have is that they are good for the Earth. Instead of having to fumble and search for a paper ticket, with a mobile app, you reduce the need to print for your customers and help the environment by eliminating a paper trail. By eliminating paper tickets, you can also speed up the check in process and make your users’ first interaction with your app a seamless and pleasant experience.

5. Increasing Engagement

More so than any other niche in the app industry, event apps serve the need to feel connected. What would be more connected than being updated by something that is constantly with you--your phone? It is important to have regular push notifications and reminders for your users before the event.

There has been an explosion in the mobile app development space, and event apps are no exception. As of 2013, the space is maturing. Many event apps are building brand loyalty, gamifying the experience, integrating monetization, going green, and increasing engagement. Will your app take advantage of these trends?


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