6 Tips For Getting Ideas For Your Video Marketing Campaign

Posted by Bhavesh Joshi On Monday, February 18, 2013 0 comments
6 Tips For Getting Ideas For Your Video Marketing Campaign
Are you having a difficult time trying to find ideas for your video marketing campaign? Look around! Simply learning to observe the environment around you can help you snag ideas which are perfect for your videos. Life offers you the best example. Practice watching whatever is happening in your environment and you can easily tune into prospering ideas. So, if you are at a loss for creating content for your video marketing campaign, here are 6 ways to get the creative juices flowing.

Blog Posts

Hop onto your Google Reader and begin taking in a steady flow of blog posts. Each post you read can serve as an idea for your video marketing campaign, and you can also break down each blog post into a series of sections. Feel free to use each of these sections as a video topic to expand your marketing campaign quickly.

Blog posts can be found in your Reader, on Google, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus. Join each social network and use serach engines to find creative blog post ideas which inspire you to create videos.

Go for a Walk to Receive Unlimited Ideas

Simply going for a walk and observing nature can provide you with unlimited inspiration. Tapping into the perfection around you can teach you a series of lessons about anything in life. You can see parallels between how nature works and your internet marketing campaign, or your online business. As you practice observing nature you will simply never lack for ideas, and you will be able to churn out videos at a rapid clip.

Running also helps you move into a higher vibe, which makes you attractive to prospering ideas. Go for a job each morning to take care of your health and video marketing campaign in one shot.

Listen to Your Customers or Prospects for a Steady Flow of Ideas

You are in the business of solving problems with your videos. Where can you find these problems? Well your prospects will be more than happy to provide you with problems which you can solve. Practice lsitening to your prospects on a persistent basis in order to find the goldmine of ideas you so hungrily seek. The ideas hit you fast if you can close your mouth and open up your ears and eyes. Practice listening, and being patient, and you can easily receive ideas which you can use as topics for your videos.

Watch Videos on Youtube to Generate More Ideas

Simple, right? Watch videos to gain inspiration for more videos. Wade through the sea of online videos on sites like Youtube to easily generate unlimited ideas which you can apply to your video creation campaign. No need to reinvent yourself each time you churn out a video; hop on to the video network, or maybe sites like Vimeo, or Dailymotion, and you can gain inspiration from fellow video creators and create your own unique content.


Six Tips For Getting Ideas For Your Video Marketing Campaign
Meditation helps you dissolve any blocks to creativity. Once these blocks are dissolved you can quickly and easily tune into the steady flow of creative ideas which knocks on your mind’s door on a continual basis. Sit quietly for extended periods each day. Take your time. Relax. Focus on your breathing, and when your attention wanders move your focus slowly back to your breathing. This practice expands your awareness quickly and helps you identify any blocks you might hold to being creative. Dissolve these blocks and you are good to go.

Create More Videos

Go on a creative video tear to create more videos. You attract more ideas by being creative so get cracking! Simply turn on your camera and watch what flows out of your mouth.


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