Are Camera Phones Worth the Money?

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Are Camera Phones Worth the Money?
Camera phones have become an important part of everyday life. They help us to capture some of the best moments of our lives and to share them with our loved ones. They are on hand to capture those spur of the moment things that happen to us every day. A child’s first step for example can be caught on camera just by having your mobile phone near.

No longer do you need to worry if your camera is charged, and you do not need to carry it around with you waiting for something to happen, you already have your mobile phone ready to go. People use their mobile phones for doing a lot of other things like listening to the music, watching videos, accessing the Internet, messaging and of course, for talking to their friends and family.

Taking pictures from your camera phone is also a kind of entertainment as it reveals the creative side of a person. You can find a big range of good camera phones in the market. Some of them are quite expensive while there are many that come at affordable rates. Prices of camera phones depend on their quality and functionality.

Picture Quality
Is Camera Phone Worth the Money?
After buying a quality camera phone, you will find that it is quite as good as a digital camera. Such a phone enables you to take beautiful pictures anytime and anywhere. You need not to take an extra gadget with you to click photographs. Camera phones have been quite popular among those who enjoy photography as a hobby, ad it is a great way to start without the need to buy an additional expensive camera.

Before investing your hard earned money in a camera phone, you must keep in mind several things. A good camera phone must have features like good storage capacity, a good mega pixel resolution and have facilities such as editing, enhancing, sending and storing the photographs. It should also deliver photographs of good quality and with good clarity.

But Which One?
There are a number of companies like Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and LG who are offering superior quality camera phones. Some of the best models with good quality cameras include Samsung D980, HTC One S, Nokia N8, LG G2X and Sony Xperia U.

All of these smartphones are quite popular among techies due to the excellent features they have. The Samsung D980 might be a good choice at an attractive price as the phone comes with a 5 mega pixel camera delivering an image resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. HTC One S has an 8 mega pixel camera that also offers a good picture quality to its users. The camera of the phone is enabled with features like auto-focus and LED flash. The LG G2X is a great smartphone that will offer you complete satisfaction for sure. It also comes with an 8 mega pixel camera delivering quality pictures of those once in a lifetime moments.

Camera PhonesNokia lovers can go for the Nokia N8, which has a powerful 12 mega pixel camera that is loaded with several features like Auto-focus, Face Detection, Image Editor, Red-Eye Reduction, Self-timer, White Balance, Face Tracking, Geo-tagging, ISO and a lot more. This fabulous smartphone is little expensive but definitely worth the money if you are choosing a phone on the basis of the pictures it will take.


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