Comparison Of Air Freshener And Tissue Box Spy Camera Recorders

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What Are The Similarities?

Comparison Of Air Freshener And Tissue Box Spy Camera Recorders
Both the air freshener camera recorder and the tissue box camera recorder are ideal to leave anywhere, in the office or in the home, to record. The air fresher looks and smells exactly like any that you would purchase in a supermarket and the tissue box is a modern looking grey smoked glass and black, unassuming tissue dispenser that can be refilled and used like the real thing. The battery operated devices run off of rechargeable batteries which can be changed quickly to prevent any missed data from being captured. A motion detector will give the batteries a longer life as the device will only record when motion is detected. Footage can be viewed when the SD memory card (up 32 GB) is retrieved from the device and connected to a PC or lap top.

What Are The Differences?

The difference between the two items is not very much. The tissue box spy camera and recorder has 72 hours of battery life while the air freshener spy camera and recorder has only a maximum of 24 hours on motion detector mode. Although, the air freshener spy camera and recorder has a remote control which allows operation of the device from within the same room.


Air Freshener Hidden Camera with DVR
Both devices have pros and cons and both devices excel in their own type of situation. Over all, the air freshener spy camera and recorder would be a better choice in as much as it is the most unassuming item in a home or office and is easily replaced for another without raising any suspicions and has a remote control function for use within the same room.

Examples Of Real Life Uses Of Each Spy Camera Recorder

A couple were concerned that their child was not being looked after properly by the new nanny they had hired. They thought she might be being a bit rough with their son as he was crying more when his nappy was being changed and when the parents left him. They decided to monitor the nanny with a tissue box spy camera and recorder. This was a great idea as it showed the couple just how badly the nanny was treating their son. She was talking on her mobile most of the time and throughout the day she only changed his nappy twice. She was shown the video footage and sacked on the spot. They also warned her that they would take her to the police if she went to work anywhere else as a nanny.

Tissue Box Spy Camera/DVR
An air freshener spy camera and recorder was placed in the office of a young secretary who was suspected, by her boss, to be unproductive and misusing company supplies. The girl had been working for the company for two months and was steadily getting worse and worse at the job. She was on a three month trial and the boss wanted to get to the bottom of why she was being so unproductive. The air freshener spy camera was left in the office to record the girl for a whole week and in this time the battery needed changing every other day which not a problem was as the boss had 2 identical devices which he swapped. The girl was filmed constantly talking on her company mobile phone on non-work calls, using equipment and printers for non-work assignments and leaving her work to watch YouTube. The girl was dismissed before her three month trial had ended.


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