Comparison Of Tissue Box And Smoke Alarm Camera And Recorder Devices

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Spy Camera Recorder Device
Looking for a spy camera and recorder but you are not sure what you want or need? For some help with this dilemma read on -

What Is The Similarity Between Tissue Box and Smoke Alarm Camera Recorders?

Both of these camera recorders look and function like the real thing. The cameras are totally undetectable to the naked eye and the devices would not be suspected as being spy equipment. These battery operated devices can run off of rechargeable batteries which can help to speed up changing the batteries. With motion detection sensor mode in both camera recorders battery life can be extended, as the camera will only record when the sensor detects movement. Once footage has been saved to the 32 GB SD memory card it can be viewed via a PC or laptop using a USB connection.

What Is The Difference Between Tissue Box and Smoke Alarm Camera Recorders?

Tissue Box Camera Recorder
There is not a lot of difference between these two camera recorder devices as they are both good quality equipment that will record excellent footage. The location is one of the main differences as the smoke alarm camera and recorder is only able to be fixed to the ceiling, possibly in a hallway or kitchen the device offers 24 hours of footage when it is in motion detection mode. The tissue box camera and recorder can be left almost anywhere within the home or workplace and it offers 64 hours of recording when it is in motion detection mode.


Smoke Alarm Camera Recorder
Depending on what use you have in mind for these devices would depend on which you should choose. Both offer good recording possibilities but the tissue box is more flexible in the locations it can be positioned. The smoke alarm camera and recorder is a sound choice for monitoring the comings and goings of staff at work or family members at home.

Real Life Use Of The Spy Camera And Recorder Devices

A domestic cleaner was not completing the everyday tasks set out for her. These tasks were no different from what she had been doing most days, so there was no reason to believe that the work was too much for her. The cleaner’s boss took matters into her own hands and left a tissue box camera and recorder in her kitchen, where the cleaner would be set to work that day. The cleaner was set to wash and scrub the kitchen floor, clean the cooker and the hob. She was provided with the best possible cleaning products and equipment so it was not a hugely difficult task. The footage from the camera revealed that the girl was on her mobile for most of the day and from what her boss could tell was a new relationship that blossomed around the time she stopped working so hard. The boss talked to her employee about the problems and the cleaner told her she would go back to working how she had been working before.

Spy Camera Recorder
Some parents wanted to see if one of their children, a seventeen year old girl, was going out at night. The reason for their concern was the child was always tired and pale, as if she had been up all night. The parents had checked her computer to see if she had been online all night but she had not. The girl was not a reader, so they ruled out reading all night. They did not wish to impose on her privacy too much so they did not wish to put any parental monitoring software onto her PC or phone or put a hidden camera in her bedroom so they decided to place a smoke alarm camera and recorder in the house entrance hall. The parents discovered she wasn’t going out she was letting a boy in. They were shocked and set a trap the next night to catch her in the act.

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