Digital Clock Camera Recorder

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Ultra-modern Table Top Mirror Clock

Digital Clock Camera Recorder
With this attractive fully functioning table top mirror clock you have a beauty aid, clock and a covert security camera all in one. This device can be placed in the bedroom or dressing room or even in the kitchen. The wide angle view of 120 degrees will give a good view of anyone intruding into your home or bedroom. The remote control lets you start or stop the video recording so there is no need to touch the clock. With a high power battery and a 32GB Micro SD memory card it can record continuously for up to 24 hours. The device includes a motion sensor to detect movement which will start the camera recording.  Not only is the outside of this digital clock camera beautiful but the alarm sounds are beautiful too, including chirping birds, waves gently rolling and other wonderful sounds of nature to wake you up peacefully.

How Can This Digital Clock Camera / Recorder Be Used?

Leaving this device on when you go away for a weekend can find out if anyone who you live with is going into your own living space and using your things. It can also be used as a security device, especially in motion senor mode, where it will record any movement made within its view. If you do not trust your partner while you are away on business or pleasure just keeps it on and it will record any cheating behaviour going on in the bedroom.

Real Life Case Of How The Digital Clock Camera / Recorder Was Used

A couple was going through a rough patch within their relationship. They decided that it would be a good idea if they spent some time apart. The woman decided that she would spend some time with her family and would go away for a couple of weeks. The man said he would think of how they could resolve their differences while she was away and asked her to do the same. The main reason for the bad time was because the woman felt that the man was cheating on her with a younger woman. She had seen all the tell tail signs but had tried not to believe them. The purpose of her visit to her family was to try and find out once and for all if he was cheating. She had a plan where she was going to catch him on camera from her digital clock camera / recorder that she had introduced to the bedroom a few weeks before and if this was fruitless she was going to hire a private detective.

Hidden Digital Clock Camera Recorder
The device is run from a high power battery and she was hoping that if she put the device on motion senor mode it would last for the time she was away. While the wife was away the husband was overly interested in where she was and what she was doing. He called her a lot, especially in the evening to ask her what she had been doing that day and what she was doing that night. When she returned home and watched the video she found out why he was so interested. He had bought his young girlfriend back to their house and into their bed. She was so sick that she didn’t even unpack her bags but just left him and took the evidence with her. So, With this ultra-modern good looking device around you can record anything that goes on in your bedroom when you are not there!


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