DMI Technology Takes Property Listing Translations To A New High

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U.S. Company adapts translation tool for real estate

DMI Technology
Countries that do not have English as their first languages are finding it easier to access amenities and offerings in the English market as companies such as Yamli move to eliminate the language divide in the world of technology. Translations are now expanding into audio-visual demonstrations available in eight different languages.

Pilot Program

An estate agency in Australia has seen an increase in Asian and Chinese buyers, and the interest from the East has prompted the Melbourne agents to sign up for a online translations service which is designed to transliterate estate listings into Chinese, Mandarin, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, and English.

US-based firm DMI (Digital Motorworks) are a technology company providing the translations platform. Originally used in the United States by a multitude of car dealers, DMI adapted the technology for property listings. The Melbourne agency is the first property company to utilise the service, which is also more than simple online translations.

Once a company has downloaded their content and images onto their site, the translations function takes all the editorials and visuals, combining them to create a virtual video presentation. Language translations on this service caters for the almost 12% Wheelers Hill residents who are Chinese born. Chinese is the third largest demographic, just behind English Australians. Wheelers Hill, a small area in Australia, has large residency of Italian and Greeks, which makes online translations essential in the property market.

DMI are currently adding more languages to the account, which will include Sudanese and Vietnamese. The portal will go live in a month and charge a flat rate between $200 and $250. The charge depends on how many listings need to be translated. This service will be available for sale and rental properties.

Peter Daicos, the DMI driving force behind the translation portal, believes this new tool will enhance communications for overseas and local sellers and buyers. It will open a door that has been firmly shut due to the language divide, and it takes the estate market to a completely new marketing level.

DMI Technology GroupNot only does the DMI technology take all editorial and image content and translate them, but it also serves as a great source of information in understanding consumerism and what drives the trends and behaviours. This is all based on the average times a translated video is played by interested parties. The properties listed on the several real estate sites which can by synced with the translations tool, can also by synced with YouTube, which is the leading video site in the world.

This tool is aimed at property listings and more agents are jumping on board to be a part of the growing trend. It won’t be long before translations move to mobile telephones and live conversations.


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