Engineering - A Part Of Everyday Life

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Engineering - A Part Of Everyday LifeEngineering involves solving practical problems, typically through the use of math and science. The products of engineering are seen everywhere throughout the world, from buildings to machines to the processes that keep so many various systems moving along. Without the work of engineers, the modern world and all its technology would not be possible. Communication, work, health, travel and entertainment - all would be much different without engineers doing what they do best.

The work of engineers can be seen all around, including:
  • Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Roads
  • Vehicles - boats, trains and planes
  • Sanitation systems - sewers and plumbing
  • Computers
  • Cell phones
  • The internet
The list goes on and on. Engineering is responsible for much of what humanity uses today.

Always striving to improve

Engineers work to improve the world as well as to maintain it. Engineers are typically driven by a desire to make things work better - faster, stronger, more efficient, less expensive. The desire for these improvements motivates engineers to use their knowledge and understanding to always improve on what currently exists.

Engineers are also known for their ability to take an idea and make it a reality. There are many different types of engineers, but it is this ability to take the abstract and make it practical and concrete that helps define the profession. 

How engineering works

At its most basic, engineering is the discipline of using mathematics and sciences to solve problems or to make improvements. Engineers can use mathematics and physics to create models of their proposed design, and can sometimes determine right away whether it is viable, before anything has actually been built.

Engineering requires constant and stringent testing to produce a good result, and can sometimes be quite tedious. The end result, however, could be something that changes the world.

Alone or together

While it is popular to imagine great thinkers and inventors slaving away alone in a laboratory, the reality is usually much different. Great ideas often require the combined efforts of many different people to become reality. It is no different in engineering. For example, if a group of engineers wanted to build a new type of skyscraper, it would take the various talents of multiple people to accomplish.

Just a few of the different engineering disciplines involved might be:

Structural engineers - to calculate how the building will bear its load and stay structurally sound

Mechanical engineers - to help design things like the ventilation system to provide clean air throughout the building

Electrical engineers - to design all the wiring to keep the building functioning with lights and electricity

Environmental engineers - to determine what environmental impact the building will have and to ensure it meets all environmental regulations

There would of course be many more people involved in such an undertaking. However, it is important to realize just how many different disciplines fall under engineering, and how many undertakings require a wide variety of skills to properly execute.

Necessary to civilization

Engineering is an incredibly important discipline to civilization. Many of the things humanity takes for granted were created through engineering, and engineering will be the answer to many more problems to come. 


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