Four Great Personal Development Mobile Apps

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Four Great Personal Development Mobile Apps
Personal development is tantamount to success. Each passing day, we strive to live a better and fulfilling life by working hard in whatever we do. However, there is no point in struggling to be more productive if we fail to grow on the inside. This is where personal development chips in. With advancement in technology, it has become easy to enhance personal development, and it is as easy as downloading personal development applications on your mobile phone and having them at your fingertips all day long. With such applications, you can take a break from the hustle of the day and focus on yourself for a few minutes. Here is a quick look at the four great personal development mobile applications that can have positive effects on your life.

1. I Ching HD

I Ching HD Mobile AppThis is one of the best mobile applications for those that want to achieve personal development. Popularly known as the book of changes in China, I Ching HD is a 4000-year-old book that is rich in words of wisdom and ancient philosophy. The book, however, does not work sequentially. On the contrary, users toss virtual coins on their iPad screens and the book answers their questions using the appropriate passages from the book. The content found in this amazing book is nothing short of words of wisdom. The application does not only feature an easy to use translation of the original text, but also beautiful animations, graphics and a very rich sound track.

2. Meditate - Meditation Timer

Meditate - Meditation Timer Cell Phone App

For those that love to mediate, this is one of the best applications that will leave you refreshed and recharged. This amazing application gives mental focus and a feeling of energy than ever before. More interesting is the fact that the Meditation Timer allows users to set timed events of their mediation cycle, which include, but not limited to cool-down time, prep time and repeating intervals. The application can also track your meditation intervals over a given period of time, like days, for example. Besides that, it can as well handle unavoidable interruptions and recover the season later on at your own convenience.

3. iBlue Sky

If you want to explore your thoughts on a given subject and expand your thinking, then this is the personal development application to go for. It is a mind-mapping tool specially designed for iPad and iPhones and which helps you look at life from a different perspective. This application does not only refine your way of thinking, but it also allows you to think outside the box, thanks to its powerful results on creative projects. Therefore, if you want to move forward in multiple directions but do not know how to go about it, then iBlue Sky is your best bet.

iBlue Sky Mobile App

4. Self Help Classics

This is an application tool that contains books for happiness, business success, as well as self-help. It is a great value application that contains a collection of thirty complete books, authored by some of the best writers of personal development including Napoleon Hill and Benjamin Franklin, among others. With these valuable texts, Self Help Classics is a must-have application if you are looking forward to refining your life and finding a reason to live.

Self Help Classics Mobile App


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