Geoquote - Importance Of Price Quote

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Geoquote - Importance Of Price Quote
In almost every industry, the process of submitting a price quote to a customer is an extremely critical one. Most customers today do shop around for different service providers and ask for multiple quotes from each of them before taking the decision of retaining the services of one of them. Therefore, as a service provider you know that you are running against almost all of your competitors in connection with getting a customer’s business. This scenario is even more competitive in the telecom industry. Given the sheer number and diversity of service providers, every aspect of business should be tuned towards giving the customer exactly what he is looking for.

This is even more important when it comes to submitting the price quote simply because a telecom company has to cater for what the competition might be doing and present his price quote in such a way that it offers the best value for money to the customer. And the more relevant and real-time this price quote is, the more acceptable it is going to be to the customer. Very few companies have mastered the art of submitting a real-time price quote. So what is technology or the working principle of such a price quote?

It is all about location
Getting a price quote for different telecom services will vary from place to place. Therefore, location is probably one of the most important factors for price quote. For instance, if you are looking for a T1 price quote, then you are likely to enjoy the lowest costs if you are in a Metro city with plenty of fiber lit buildings all around your location. Similarly, any other price quoting system will also rely on your location to generate a realistic figure.

Benefit to the telecom agent
When an agent uses such location specific price quote mechanism, then he is likely to enjoy benefits such as:
  • Speed of response to the customer’s request
  • Being as realistic and as close to the final price quote is possible
  • Beating out the competition by getting back to the customer swiftly
  • Entailing the involvement of local telecom service providers and so on
Perhaps more importantly, the agent gets to feel that his master agent is trusting him with such pricing information. By enabling real-time information to be delivered to the telecom agent, a master agent is fulfilling his role of being a business “nurturer”.

Automating price quote mechanism
By using price quoting software which generates information in real-time, a telecom agent need not worry about office hours and lag time between sending in his request for a price quote and receiving a response. The price quoting software will simply generate all the information that he requires in order to get back to the client in a reasonable frame of time. Thus, automation of price quote goes a long way in helping in agent keep up with the times and present a good business image to the client as well.

Better knowledge of multiple telecom carriers
With a price quoting mechanism it is easier to keep track of the rates and prices that are offered by various telecom carriers and this will help an agent become an integral part of telecom decision-making for a customer.


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