How Computer Generated Imagery Allows You To Visualise Your Business Ideas

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How Computer Generated Imagery Allows You To Visualise Your Business Ideas
Computer generated imagery comes in many forms that can help visualize a business idea. This can be done by using a variety of applications for computers and mobile devices. There tools are available for anyone that needs a variety of visualization options, such as word clouds, mapping and the creation of traditional graphs or charts.

Google Drive

This is a free set of utilities offered by Google that include Drawings and Fusion Tables. These allow a business owner to use their data to create charts, diagrams, and maps. You can use the imagery that has been created in an existing document or for enhancing a business presentation.

Google Drawings allow users to create and edit a drawing to share online. There are many ways that a user can benefit from this application. Drawings that are created can be shared with others and edited on the fly in real time. Users can even chat with one another as a drawing is edited. This is a great way for a business owner to visualize a business idea with others in the organization.

Google DriveGoogle Fusion Tables is an application that can be used to visualize and share data tables gathered by a user. A file containing a data table can be uploaded to the application in a variety of formats that can be displayed in many ways. A user can choose to visualize data as a table, bar graph, pie chart, and even a map or storyboard. This can be done by choosing a specific filter.


Impure App This application offers users a drag and drop workspace that provides a way to visualize data. This is a good way to see a graphical representation of specific data that is highly polished. Different modules are able to be connected by clicking and dragging with your mouse. The visual interface provides users the tools to create visualizations of their data. Data can be imported into the application or that is found on the Internet. Visualization options include tables, maps, geometry, and nodes. Users can share any type of visualization they have created by sharing a URL for their workspace.

Many Eyes

Many Eyes AppThis is a visualization application that is available from IBM where users can upload data and share a set of data. The app combines social media with graphical analysis of information. This is an option for a business owner that wants to share a visual representation of a business idea. Users can choose to have their data displayed as graphics, charts, word clouds, and network diagrams. Anyone is able to see and browse a user's account that they can create for free. A minimum amount of data is needed to create an impressive visualization.

Additional Information

Business ideas come in many forms and often result from numbers that have been crunched to see how sales and marketing have performed. Visual representations offer a way to display the results of a marketing strategy. The goal may be to see if there are new areas to generate sales leads.


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