How To Ease Student Stress

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How To Ease Student Stress
Every year students in their final year of university have the same stress-inducing challenge to overcome, that being the dreaded dissertation. With an average length of at least 10,000 words it can seem a daunting test of what you have taken in during your previous words of study and if anybody says that it is simple, they are lying. There is a reason why dissertations usually carry a very heavy weighting in your final grade, as it tests your ability to work with very little guidance on a large-scale project to tight deadlines. That said it doesn’t have to be as traumatic as it may look from the outside, as long as you stay on top of things.

Play to Your Strengths

Having been at university for at least two years before the dissertation deadline becomes a much larger dot on the horizon, you should have identified which area of your field you are strongest in. By choosing this area you are likely to cut down the amount of work you need to do beforehand, as you will not need to do quite as much research as you might have done by carrying out an investigation in an area you are not as comfortable in.  

Plan Sensibly

It seems an obvious starting point, but once you have chosen your subject area it is vital that you sit down and look at how you are going to break down the work load. In some subjects there are a set of deadlines which help, expecting a draft of the first half of your dissertation by the end of the first term for example. If this is not the case, then do not think you can get away with leaving the work until later in the year, because although you may still reach the deadline, your work will most certainly be affected due to this decision. By setting yourself personal goals or deadlines you will find the dissertation to be a much less stressful task than it could have been.

Aim to Finish Well in Advance of the Final Deadline

Ease Student Stress
Although the dissertation deadline day is one of the most enjoyable for students, or at least it is once the mammoth project has been handed in, it is important to not see it as the day you should complete working. A sensible idea would be to set yourself a personal goal to finish the dissertation a week before your department are asking for you to submit your work. That way you can take a day to remove yourself from the project before going back to proofread it, making spotting your own errors easier as well as giving you ample time to correct them. This also takes pressure off of the printing of your dissertation, which can be a worrying task in itself as dissertations can easily reach one hundred pages in length. By planning ahead as previously advised you will be able to research where it would be best to buy cheap ink cartridges. You would be surprised how many students I have known to not take into account the need to buy extra ink cartridges before coming to print their dissertations and having to rush to a local store and pay over the odds because they have no time to wait for delivery from cheaper sources. Clearly, students are a demographic who cannot afford to break the bank when printing and binding their work before submitting it and by planning well ahead it is likely that you will save a noticeable amount by finding the cheapest ink cartridges on offer.


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