Is Your Cell Phone Hazardous To Your Health?

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Is Your Cell Phone Hazardous To Your Health?
Where is your cell phone right now? Chances are it's within reach, if not attached to your head. Have you ever considered how sanitary your phone may or may not be? When's the last time you cleaned your phone? The truth is your cell phone is more than likely covered in germs. Whether you lay your cell phone down on a public surface or, heaven forbid, use it in the bathroom, your cell phone could be risky to your health. So, Is your cell phone carrying germs and making you sick?

Is Your Cell Phone Covered in Germs?

Out of three tested devices, a recent study found that two were covered in significant amounts of bacteria. Our cell phones have become one of the most handled devices in our lives. We use them for everything from talking to texting to playing games and even making grocery lists. In other words, we handle today's smartphones more often than phones were ever handled in the past. This results in unhealthy amounts of bacteria exposure. What really matters is the bacteria your cell phone is exposed to. If you use your smartphone in public restrooms, there's a good chance your phone has some nasty germs.

Do You Clean Your Cell Phone?

Chances are the answer is no. Out of the three devices tested in the study, one phone contained less bacteria and it was assumed that the reason was the phone had probably been recently cleaned. The truth is many of us don't even consider cleaning our cell phone. We may use a cloth to remove fingerprints, but sanitizing your smartphone probably never occurred to you. If you use your cell phone frequently, you need to take the time to clean it regularly. You may be uneasy about exposing your expensive cell phone to a harsh cleaner, but there are safe ways to clean your cell phone.

How to Clean Your Cell Phone?

Is Your Cell Phone Covered in Germs?
There are several methods for cleaning your cell phone. Some recommend using an unscented baby wipe, while others recommend alcohol pads. You can also purchase wipes made especially for cleaning electronics. The important thing is to never spray your device with a cleaner. This can cause moisture to build up in the cell phone and could cause it to malfunction. If you have a rubber or cloth case, this may need to be cleaned using different methods. Always remove the case and clean separately so not to damage your phone.

Your cell phone really could make you sick. With a chance of being covered in significant amounts of bacteria, you need to take the time to properly clean your cell phone on a regular basis.


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