Is Your Website Working?

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Is Your Website Working?
In order for a website to be an effective asset, there needs to be clarity about the purpose of a website and after it is up and running, the site's traffic needs to be monitored.

So, this article offers you advice on how to get your website working for you. There are different reasons for building a website, the main one being to make money, usually by selling goods or services. There are international companies looking for a global market and there are shops and trades people looking for customers within a small radius. 

To help attract customers

A website might be developed to spread information. A newspaper or television company keeps their readers informed of the daily news, while they are also trying to attract viewers from their competitors. A website might be a meeting place for people with similar interests. This can be as varied as a site acting to introduce people looking for potential partners, to a site where people can swap recipes and discuss the best variety of potatoes to grow.

How to measure the success of the website

How Well is Your Website Working?
You will need to measure the amount of traffic your website is attracting in order to have a clear understanding to whether or not the site is operating well. If the purpose of the website is to sell items and people are buying the goods on the site, then that obviously means there is some degree of success, although there may be more that can be done to increase the volume of sales.

It is useful to be able to see how many people click onto the site and then off again. More intriguing, how many people browse, fill their shopping baskets and then leave, without going to the checkout? This information can be found and used to monitor traffic to the site.

If the site has a forum for discussing topics, then it is easy to see how busy the forum is. Again, are there people who register and read, but never participate?

There is a variety of software available to measure activity around a website including load testing, which will look at how a site functions under heavy demand.

How to measure the success of the website
It is possible to find out what device people are using for browsing. Will this have any impact on how long they stay on your site? What about people who click on and then off in a couple of seconds. Did they decide in that brief moment that the site didn't have the information that they required. Is the sites search engine ranking high enough? A good site on page ten won't get many visitors.

Monitoring the use of a website is as important as its initial development and there is plenty of help available.


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