Making Health And Safety Training Fun Using IPhone Apps

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Making Health And Safety Training Fun Using IPhone Apps
Health and safety should always be treated as a priority in the workplace. A typical office environment has dozens of potential hazards and health concerns. Of course, while all employees should be aware of these dangers, teaching health and safety is not an easy task. It can be difficult to maintain staff attention with boring, procedural materials, so many employers are turning to technology to keep their staff engaged with the subject. There are many iPhone apps that are dedicated to safety in the workplace, and they can provide interesting tips and reminders about proper procedures and regulations.

Safety Snaps

Safety Snaps iPhone App

Many workplaces are full of potential hazards that are ignored for so long they become part of the scenery. Employees eventually get used to stepping over that wire in the conference room or skipping the dodgy step on the staircase. The SafetySnaps app is an effective way for employees to document these workplace dangers so they can be dealt with quickly. Whether it's a trip hazard or a wonky bannister, the app lets users take a photo of any hazards and add a description and the location. The photo and the information can then be emailed to bring attention to the relevant person and can serve as a reminder to notify other employees in the meantime.

iAuditor iPhone AppDon't let the dreary name fool you, the iAuditor app is a powerful and effective tool for performing workplace inspections and hazard checks. The app has several different templates, from construction sites to general office inspections, which contain questions relevant to that workplace. Employees can go through the check-list, which has simple questions about the ventilation, lighting and noise levels, to perform a safety audit and see what changes can be made to benefit the workplace.

The importance of fire safety is often overlooked in the workplace, and telling staff where the safety exits and assembly points are in case of emergency is often the extent of fire training. Even practising regular fire drills can be insufficient as staff still won't know what to do if they become trapped in a room or if one of the exits is blocked. The FireSafety app offers an exhaustive guide to the dangers of fire, and it provides valuable advice about what to do in case of an emergency and how to identify early warning signs.

FireSafety iPhone App

First Aid By British Red Cross
Although most offices have a designated first aid person, more and more workplaces are offering first aid courses to all members of staff. The British Red Cross app provides simple step-by-step advice, as well as accompanying instructional videos, about what to do in case of emergency. Many people think that offices are safe places of work, but the likes of asthma attacks, diabetic emergencies and even heart attacks can strike anywhere and at any time. The app instructs employees about how then can spring into action in the early signs of a health emergency, and the information could potentially save someone's life.

First Aid By British Red Cross App in iPhone

SCDF Fire Safety

SCDF Fire Safety App in iPhoneAs well as offering preventative advice about fire safety and what to do in an emergency, the SCDF Fire Safety app also has information about how to operate a fire extinguisher, manual call point and fire blanket. The office kitchen can be a hazardous place, and even a small hob or electrical fire can turn into something much worse. Although employees should always consider their personal protection before dealing with a fire, this informative app can prepare employees for such hazards and teach them how to stop a small fire from escalating.

These apps can be a real eye-opener to the potential dangers that can occur in the workplace, and they can make all employees think about preventing hazards and how to respond to accidents and emergencies. However, extensive, qualified training courses are still the best source of information for employees, and the apps should not be used in lieu of them. The technology is best suited as 'top-up' lessons that can refresh employee's memory about health and safety practices in the workplace.


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