Mobile Optimization Prediction: Is 2013 The Year Of The Mobile App?

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Is 2013 The Year Of The Mobile App?

Is 2013 the year of the mobile app?

This is a question that many people are asking themselves following developments that have been witnessed in the mobile applications industry over the recent years. Analysts observe that 2011 was the year of mobile consumer applications. 2012 was about mobile tablets that dominated IT security in the enterprises. They predict that 2013 is set to be a year of mobile enterprise applications. These predictions can be true considering the presence of HTML5 that has been highly hyped. It uses enterprise-to-consumer and reasonably profiled applications. It also allows wireless extension of internal and mobile BI administration functions such as travel claims or expense.

What users of mobile apps expect in 2013

Modern users of mobile applications demands high speed apps that allow them to work offline. This has driven native application development to industry areas that have more substantial returns on investments. In addition, the IT industry has to reassess its approach to mobile apps platform. This is the only way it will be able to address the needs of modern businesses. Basically, mobile applications developers have to come up with apps that will enable businesses to achieve their goals. In addition, these applications have to enable businesses distinguish themselves as they interact with consumers. This can be during staff interaction in the field or even when delivering sales or services. Mobile apps development companies also have to come up with applications for direct consumers.

Basically, 2013 is a year that should reflect innovation in mobile apps in order to enable businesses achieve high performance, easy recovery and adherence to IT security laws. Perhaps, what mobile apps users want most are applications that will enable their companies or businesses to look unique in the market. This should be reflected in service delivery, consumer, quality assessment and even inspections apps. They should also be designed to adapt to new environments as companies and businesses change their strategies. Generally, mobility is a paradigm that requires new approach that will not inconvenience operations of different businesses and companies.

Optimized mobile apps

To achieve the needs of modern businesses, mobile apps developers have to optimize their apps. They can achieve this by observing users in the real world. This will enable them to find out whether their apps are meeting specific needs of their users. This is very important because through this observation, mobile apps developers will be able to fix performance and crash issues of their applications. They will also be able to reduce the time taken to reduce time taken in completing an action. Generally, if an app does not meet specific needs of a user, they will delete it. To avoid this, developers have to come up with optimized apps that suit the users.
Mobile Optimization Prediction
Many mobile apps users are looking for applications that have innovative features. An app that comes with outdated features that the user does not need is not suitable for them. Therefore, mobile apps developers will have to come up with apps that have new features for modern mobile devices users. In addition, they have to come up with optimization programs that will allow monitoring of apps performance. Perhaps, you may be still asking yourself, is 2013 the year of the mobile app? It is no doubt that 2013 should be ready for more innovative and user-friendly apps.


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