No Family Should Be Without One - Buy A Portable DVD Player For Your Car

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Portable DVD Players For Family Cars

Portable DVD Players For Family Cars
We’ve all been there, trapped in the car for hours on end on the way to or from a holiday destination with kids screaming, fighting and generally misbehaving in the back of the car. It doesn’t matter how well behaved your children are normally, when you put them in the car for anything over twenty minutes, they turn into demanding, demented little monsters. Luckily there is something you can do to alleviate their boredom, buy them a portable DVD player for the car. Here are just a few of the ways a portable DVD player can be used to entertain the children:

For Watching Movies

Obviously the main reason for buying a portable DVD player for the car is to allow your children to watch movies whilst in the car. Most children will happily sit in front of a film for a couple of hours if it’s interesting and exciting enough. There are a wealth of movies available on DVD from the latest releases through to older family favourites. They can be bought in a wide range of stores or cheaply second-hand. Stocking the car with enough movies to keep everyone entertained couldn’t be easier.

For Watching Television

As well as movies, you can also get a number of children’s programmes on DVD such as In the Night Garden, Teletubbies or even Horrible Histories for the older child, These are a great way of passing the time on slightly shorter journeys by just watching one or two episodes whilst several episodes can be played in a row for longer journeys.

For Playing Games

If the DVD selection you have for your children is well-watched, children may begin to tire of watching DVDs, making boredom rear its ugly head in the car again. A great way to re-invent a movie on DVD is to play a game whilst the movie is on. For example when watching a film like Toy Story, you may decide to set your children a counting challenge, perhaps counting how many times the word Buzz Lightyear is used. This will not only give your children something to do but ensure that the film grabs their attention too, hopefully giving you some respite from the kids for an hour or so.

No Family Should Be Without One - Buy A Portable DVD Player For Your Car

For Interaction

Many children’s DVDs now come with addition bonus features pre-loaded onto the disc too. These can help to keep children entertained and help to pass the time on long journeys too. Examples of DVD extras or bonus features include spin-off short movies, previews or clips of other films, film related extras such as outtakes or information on the making of the film and occasionally games too. Whilst in the car with the children, every little extra bit of entertainment helps to alleviate their boredom. There are many websites where DVD’s and portable DVD players can be purchased online.

With so many great ways to entertain for hours on end, you’ll wonder why you never thought to buy a portable DVD before.


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