Reasons to Port your Number when Changing Networks

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Reasons to Port your Number when Changing Networks
Mobile phones are perhaps the most popular way people communicate these days. There are lots of people in today’s modern society who cannot imagine their life without a mobile phone. These devices are not only used to keep us connected with our loved ones, but also offer us different options for our entertainment.

Due to huge competition among the mobile phone service providers, customers come across a lot of enticing offers on a regular basis offered by mobile phone companies. All these practices are done by the companies to attract new customers and to encourage existing customers to keep their business with them. If you do decide to change networks then you really should consider porting your number too. So, this article considers the options and the best ways to make sure that your mobile number stays with you wherever you take your contract.

When Your Contract Ends

When it becomes time to end the contract with the old service provider and to switch to a new one, the main worry is that the existing number has to be terminated with the plan.

A mobile phone number is not just a number; it is the identity of the person who uses it. The phone number used by you is circulated among various people, friends, and family and even business connections. Nobody can afford to lose any of these contacts while changing to a new network.

Take Your Number with You

Keeping your old phone number while changing networks is easier than you might think. The PAC or Porting Authorization Code allows you to port your number across networks. You, the customer won’t even have to worry about it.

When you find a network provider that is making you an offer you just cannot refuse, simply tell them when you sign up with them that you want to bring your old number with you.

The new provider will contact your own service provider to make the arrangements. The process might take a couple of days and so you will not be able to use your phone until then, but once it is connected to the new network you are up and running. Your business can run as smoothly as before. There is no need to print out new business cards or to try to remember to inform every one of your number change as everything will stay exactly the same.

People in industries like media, marketing, sales and public relations cannot afford to lose their contact numbers at any cost. They have to deal with a number of people on a daily basis as it is the major part of their job. When it comes to changing mobile network providers, they can risk losing a lot of business by not sticking with their old number.

Reasons to Port your Number when Changing Networks
There is no inconvenience at all. Just keep your old phone with the old number. When the number becomes live on your new phone your old one will stop working and you will need to get a new sim-card for it if you want to pass it on to a family member or friend. The only inconvenience has to carry two phones with you for a few days.

Everyone should port their existing number to the new network automatically because nobody can be without their contact list for a minute. Number portability means worry free communication.


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