Samsung Ativ S - A Window Into A New Niche?

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Samsung Ativ S - A Window Into A New Niche?
Samsung had a fantastic 2012 and beginning to 2013. In the tablet and smartphone markets they performed admirably, demonstrated through their sales figures. They overtook Nokia as the biggest retailer of phones in the world by volume. Part of this was due to the increase in the percentage of the market buying smartphones from 37% to 45%. Certainly, Samsung have got a lot of things right.

Of course, they’ve also had the legal wrangling with Apple over patent infringements and there is a massive lawsuit on the table that was won by Apple, and is being appealed by Samsung at the moment.

So with all these contexts, and the entry of Windows 8 on the market, it was only a matter of time before Samsung brought out a really good phone for Windows. The Korean manufacturer did take quite a long time to enter the Windows Phone 8 space. But with the Samsung Ativ S, they have done a great job.

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Offerings from other manufacturers such as HTC and Nokia have hit the market in an attempt to capitalise on the appeal of the excellent Windows operating system. The competition is certainly increasing for the title of best Windows phone.

Connectivity, Operating System and Screen

This phone is only 4G in selected areas such as Canada. The US, Australia, and UK only get the 3G device. This means that those that are looking for the most powerful phones will probably stay clear of the Samsung Ativ S. However it is a nice-looking and efficient device. One that does a good job of maximizing the attractiveness and usability of the Windows Phone 8 operating system. It does in fact in look a lot like the Samsung galaxy 2 and S3.

Notably it is the skinniest of all WP8 handsets and has the largest screen. Of course these two facts alone will attract many to the device. The screen is 4.8 inches compared to the Nokia Lumia 920’s 4.5 inches, which is the second largest Windows phone display. The pixel density is 306 per inch, which is lower than its competitors but is not noticeable to anyone without amazing eyesight and probably a magnifying glass. The display is bright and vibrant and really gets the windows phone tiles shining brightly and exciting the user. The screen is excellent even in bright sunlight and is good when viewed from different angles.


The appearance of the casing is of brushed metal. Although it looks premium, it is in fact plastic. There is always the balancing act between appearance and weight. This phone has got it pretty good. The phone looks professional, even mature. It certainly won’t let you down if you're looking to impress your friends. Unfortunately, it is so stylish, sleek, and slick that it becomes slippery. I could see a lot of these crashing to the floor over the coming year as they slide out of people's hands.

Processor, Memory and Camera

Samsung Ativ S

The phone's internal workings involve a 1.5 Gigahertz dual core processor and 1Gigabytes of RAM. This provides plenty of power for most users. Buyers can choose from either 16 Gigabytes or the 32 Gigabyte memory option. In addition, there is a micro SD card slot enabling users to up the memory; brilliant if they are media hungry consumers. The camera is 8 megapixels with a flash. The camera works pretty well, producing clear pictures; not one to set the world alight, but it does a good job.


In summary, the phone is attractive and professionally smart. From a recent Android manufacturer, it pretty much fits the Samsung Android stereotype of being tall and skinny, but it does a great job of displaying the windows system and making it functional and operational.  


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