Small SEO To Make A Big Difference

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Small SEO To Make A Big Difference
If you want your website to be seen and visited by more people on a daily basis then SEO is the best way to go. Not only does it not cost you anything, unlike other forms of internet marketing, you could also increase your sales no end just by appearing higher up in the search engines results. Search engine optimization is not a new thing but recent changes in the industry mean that now could be the best time to use it to increase your online presence.

With changes last year to Google’s algorithm (how it calculates where a site should appear in the results) more impetus has been put on ethical SEO and this means that the hard working individuals that are going about it the right way will be better rewarded. Some people believe that SEO is a difficult thing to master but although there are many levels, some of which are pretty technical, there are a few small things that anyone business owner can do to optimize their site.

Update Title Tags -  

Title tags are what can be seen at the top of a page on the internet tab and they are basically help to tell the search engine what the website is about. By changing them to include a few industry keywords then it could help you to be found easier for these terms. Just don’t exceed seventy characters otherwise they won’t be fully displayed in the results.

Make Sure All Pages Lead Somewhere – 

In order for the search engines to get a good idea of what your site contains, they will regularly send their robots to scan your site to gauge what the content is about and to see if you have any new links.

The trouble is, if they encounter any website errors such as 404s they will give up and head off without exploring the rest of your site. So that this doesn’t happen, you should regularly check to see that all pages lead to another page and that any pages that are removed are properly redirected.

Be Social – 

You may think that social media sites are only good for keeping in contact with people you hardly know and for attempting to reach your target audience but they are also good for SEO purposes.

Search engines like sites that are regularly active and a good way to do this is to share things via social media. They also know that things that get shared a lot on social media sites are hot topics and information that everyone wants to read and so they will show them higher up in their results.

Re-write Description Tags –  

Description tags are what people will see underneath the title of your webpage in the search engine results and are effectively a short pitch to entice people in. Although these are not taken into account by the ranking algorithm, re-writing them to include persuasive language and important information could lead to more people clicking your site.

Link To Relevant Pages – 

Search Engine Optimization
When building links to your site, which is an integral part of SEO, a lot of people just link to the home page thinking that that’s where visitors will want to land. However, although your home page might be a nice welcoming place for them to start, if it doesn’t display the information they are looking for they will soon press the back button. Instead of this, use the relevant product page as the landing page so that they can find what they are looking for straight away.

If you like the idea of doing some SEO but don’t fully understand it then there are plenty of SEO companies that will be able to help. It can sometimes be a long process but the benefit you will see from sustained good results will help to propel your business forward in today’s tough environment.


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